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Wildrose British Labradors are known for their amazing scenting ability, temperament and trainability, the perfect sporting companion. In the spring of 2008, we received a request for a diabetic alert dog. We were informed that some Wildrose dogs were being effectively used to alert children with Type I diabetes. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that puppies from Wildrose progeny were alerting high and low blood sugar levels for diabetics across the United States and in Canada. Since that time an intensive training program has been developed utilizing the natural scenting instincts, intelligence, desire to please and the smaller size of Wildrose Labradors making them exceptional candidates for Diabetic Alert Dogs™.

Hunting Diabetes published in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

The Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation


Since I've had JD my life has become so much easier. I may now live my life without worrying at any moment I might suffer from a low blood sugar.

He is starting to alert at night which is giving me the confidence to be able to sleep alone comfortably knowing I'll wake up the next morning.

He is my best friend and my hero,without him I would not be living today.
Deanna Whitehead

Wildrose DAD
The Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog™ is an exciting new tool in diabetes management. Each dog is trained to notify owners with Type 1 diabetes of low and high blood glucose levels, thereby allowing them to promptly make necessary corrections to avert the episode or lessen its severity. A hypoglycemic attack can lead to a seizure, coma, or death making these well-trained dogs true lifesavers. The Diabetic Alert Dog's performance can result in tighter glycemic control which decreases the likelihood of devastating, long-term complications including kidney failure, retinaphy, neuropathy, heart disease, etc. Through our intensive, thorough training program designed for the dogs and their handlers, these exceptional Labradors are changing the lives of people with Type I diabetes across the United States. Visit the Diabetic Alert Dog Gallery.

The Foundation
The Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dog™ Foundation, begun in July, 2009, supports programs designed to deliver trained dogs to qualified individuals with Type 1 diabetes.

Wildrose Training
Our unique, balanced training methodology, "The Wildrose Way" develops exceptional Diabetic Alert Dogs candidates for individuals with Type I diabetes. We provide three types of DADs... puppies delivered at 7 weeks old that have completed our unique Super Learner Program and Super Scent Series which include diabetic scent exposure, backgrounded pups up to 7 months of age and started DADs. The starters have completed obedience training and have a thorough introduction to public access and scent identification which includes highs and lows. Each starter will also have an established exercise program. Wildrose offers quarterly training clinics applicable to developing a diabetic alert dog.

Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dogs in the News
Dog is learning warning scents to protect 6-year-old diabetic, article here.

Diabetic Alert Dogs™ - informational brochure || Client Comments and Stories || Video

Trevor Jordan, Rachel Thornton, Glennis Marshall along with Alfie, Ruby and Boss spent the day in Little Rock, Arkansas, educating the public about Wildrose Diabetic Alert Dogs. Thanks to Sherman Eoff for coordinating this media blitz. Here is a clip from one of the tv interviews.

Lifesaving Labradors - BUY ONLINE
Lifesaving Labradors is a collection of true stories of Type 1 Diabetics who use Diabetic Alert Dogs—known as DADs—to smell changes in their blood sugar levels. Using acute olfactory skills and constant vigilance, the dogs alert their companions, keeping them safe from life-threatening blood sugar episodes, such as falling into a coma or launching into stroke.

The stories in Lifesaving Labradors address issues of interest to the medical community, especially the millions of people working with or affected by diabetes. Hunters and trainers of various types of service dogs will find valuable lessons in the stories of the DAD handlers, as well as a wealth of information in the training section that follows the stories. Dog lovers, and anyone interested in human drama, will marvel at the dogs' abilities and will understand why these families view their dogs as literal lifesavers that are on-call twenty-four hours a day, often contending with multiple, sometimes complex, situations in the world.

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