Wildrose Service Companions

Wildrose labs are known for their amazing scenting abilities, temperament and trainability. Their instincts, intelligences, desire to please and smaller size make them exceptional candidates for service, detection, alerting and tracking as well as sporting companions.

Wildrose British Labs may be found providing a wide variety of valuable services in communities across the country. But these fine animals are not limited to just providing services and assistance, they are also personal companions of their handlers, and may even double as hunters during seasons. Examples include:
  • Diabetic Alert
  • Search and Rescue
  • Therapy Dogs: Schools, hospitals and nursing homes
  • Assistance
  • Detections: accelerant, cadaver, etc.

We did indoor and outdoor visits to the reservation nursing home facility. Hep was taken to private rooms for the folks who couldn't come to the commons area.

Wildrose Hep, Owner Scott Marmo, working at a nursing home
Scott did a handling demonstration one afternoon; it was so popular that he received a gift the following day and a request for another demonstration!


Our positive training methodology "The Wildrose Way," produces an exceptional, controllable, well-socialized dog, perfect to meet the service requirements of:
  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  • Therapy Dog International
  • Public Access Certification

Wildrose Hep involved in reading program at local school. Hep is a reading pal, encouraging students to read.


Allow us to help in the selection of just the right Wildrose Labrador to support your mission, organization or family needs.