Suggested Reading List &
Training Resources

The following books offer the reader valuable information on breeding, training and/or handling of the Labrador Retriever based upon the principles and values embraced by Wildrose Kennel.

Wildrose Kennel is dedicated to producing a cooperative, intelligent and well-mannered gundog-what some would regard as a "natural" gundog rather than a highly controlled, "turn and burn" type retriever.

I prefer to refer to our gundogs as "The Gentleman's Gundog." The books listed below exemplify these values.

Training the Hunting Retriever
by Jerome B. Robinson, ISBN#1-55821-263-9
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The Ultimate Guide to Bird Dog Training
by Jerome B. Robinson, ISBN#1-58574-126-4
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The Labrador Shooting Dog
by Mike Gould, Clinetop Press, ph. 970-963-0696, ISBN# 1-893740-01-3

Training the Hunting Retriever, The New Program
by Bill Tarrant, ISBN# 0-87605-575-7

Hey Pup, Fetch It Up!
By Bill Tarrant, ISBN# 0-8117-0799-7

Gundogs: Training and Field Trials
by P.R.A. Moxon, ISBN# 1-85310-586-6

The Labrador Retriever, The History…The People
by Richard a Wolters, ISBN# 80372-2

British Training for American Retriever
by Vic Barlow - Order Here
Finally, after all the promises my book British Training for American Retrievers hits the bookstores August 1.

Yeah, I know it won't top the New York Bestsellers but for trainers who prefer communication to electrocution this book's a must.

I don't know about you but I hate technical jargon and complicated diagrams, which suggest you need a PHD in space technology to train your dog. Even with my abounding enthusiasm for retrievers I rarely make it past chapter five of any instructional book. They're all just too dry.

Training your dog should be FUN. Of course you need to follow a progressive program but that's no reason why you can't enjoy yourself. So you'll find my book strays somewhat from the path of righteousness. There are stories in there I really shouldn't tell but they are all true so what the hell.

Remember Mike Stewart sending me to an upland Hunt Test in Arkansas wearing shorts? Maybe you don't know the painful outcome. You will after you've read my book.

Or perhaps you'd like to find out about the Golden who likes to watch Sex in the City or the Tennessee giant who thought DU retriever Drake was 'just a little man in a doggie costume', it's all there.

You'll find the instructional stuff easy to follow but be prepared for controversy. There are no drills involving e-collars, no force-fetch, in fact no 'force' anything but you will learn how to communicate in a language your dog will understand.

We'll discuss teamwork and how you can improve your working relationship and what makes certain dogs go 'self employed.'

There are some unique drills and advice on how to handle your first season. We'll compare buying a started dog to training a puppy and take an in depth look at how the relationship between handler and dog is established.

I know you'll have as much fun reading British Training for American Retrievers as I did writing it and for those of you brave enough to follow 'the path less travelled' the results will be a revelation.

Vic Barlow, Wildrose Kennels, Cheshire, ENGLAND.

British Training for American Retrievers is available from Wildrose Kennels On Line Store - Order Here.