Certifying an Adventure Dog: The Process

  • An eligible canine.
  • o Open to any breed possessing the athletic ability to complete tasking.
    o The candidate should be close to fully mature in size (14 months and older) with excellent health and physically sound.

  • Basic obedience skills should be thoroughly mastered. References include:
  • o Sporting Dog and Retriever Training, The Wildrose Way
    o Wildrose Way Basic Retriever Training DVD
    o Attend Wildrose Way one-day workshop, "Starting Your Dog the Wildrose Way"

  • Purchase the Adventure Dog packet at wildrosetradingcompany.com. Packet includes:
  • o Program instruction
    o Diploma
    o Award definitions
    o Listing of achievable merits (14) and required subskills for each merit. Participants may select from any of the 14 merit in any order.

  • Certification awards and merits will be awarded as achieved.
  • o Trail Rated - 5 merits completed (TR)
    o Adventure Dog Certified - 9 merits completed (ADC)
    o Master Trekker - 12 to 14 merits completed (MT)

  • Each merit will contain varying skills that must be completed to earn the merit.
  • o Merits include Hiking, Watercraft, All-Terrain Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Travel, Tracking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Snow Trekking, Hunting Sports/Retrieving, Trail Assistance, Public Access, Equestrian, and Aircraft.
    o As subskills are mastered, videos may be forwarded through various formats validating the achievements and the skills mastered to qualify for the corresponding merits.
    o Merits will be forwarded as achieved to be noted on the dog's Adventure Dog Diploma.
    o Once accumulated merits reach the number necessary to receive an award, the appropriate award patch and seal for the diploma will be forwarded by Wildrose.

  • Attend a workshop! We strongly suggest all participants and their K-9 companion attend a Wildrose Adventure Dog Workshop to experience firsthand training "The Wildrose Way." See uklabs.com/events for scheduling.