Wildrose Kennels Client Comments

I am sending a quick note to let you how pleased I am with our Rosie (Scottie x Mara), and the training completed by Craig Korff. I spent two days with Craig and Rosie this past weekend as we demonstrated the skills she’s learned. Rosie’s 1 year birthday was June 1, and she behaves like a well-trained seasoned dog in the house and in the field.

I expect to take Rosie back to Craig at some point for some more advanced training. Craig and Rosie have definitely met my expectations at this point. I also hope to see you again at the handler training next spring.

Sincerely, Pat Minick

Mike and Cathy,
Jax has been phenomenal young dog. So proud of him both at home and in the field. He's a welcome addition to all the hunts we've been on and my hunting buddies are always stoked when they get to hunt with Jax.

The early duck season down here in Texas was kinda slow but it picked up after the split and he made every retrieve with great enthusiasm and seems tireless (we clocked him at 15 mph running next to the gator back to the truck yesterday).

I wanted to email you some pictures because I'm not big on the whole Facebook social media stuff (feel free to post anything). Also give a lot of credit to Tim Clancy. He's been terrific in advising me on how to be a better handler; he calls/texts often to see how things are going.

Best, Michael and Jax

Mike and Cathy, ginger is four years old now and everything that y'all advertise.

Great family and hunting dog!
Thanks, Chuck Polk
Florence, SC

We thought you may like to see what a beautiful dog one of Kane's puppies has turned into. His mama was Dixie.

Boone is smart, lovable, quick and attentive. We could not have wished for a better dog! He has a laid back at home personality and let's go to work in the field personality. Perfect combination for everyone in our family!

Thank you.
Sherri and Brad Rejebian

Hi Mike and Kathy, Wildrose employees and especially Ben,
Great picture this past weekend duck hunting with General Patton our 5 year old Wildrose lab from Widgeon and Delilah. He has matured into great hunting dog and has become very disciplined in the blind. Ben you did a great job in his training for his first 12 months on this earth. The General also is a superior house dog and is the complete definition of a Gentlemen’s Hunting Dog! Thought we would share.

Have a great 2017,
Matt McGee Sr. and Jr

Hi Cathy,
I hope you are well. I thought I would send you the most recent picture of the kids and their mom. Once again, I want to thank you for blessing us with the two of them. We are sure enjoying them. Are they not gorgeous! Courage is on the left and Keeper is on the right and of course that is my precious wife Debbie in the middle. They sure are enjoying their homes in Sausalito and Carmel By The Sea. This picture was taken in Carmel. You should see them in the ocean. Not kidding, people gather on the beach to watch them.
Best always to you and Mike.
Jim Messemer

Cathy and Mike,
This past Sunday on my way home from Arkansas duck hunting I was able to arrange with Bryan to pick up Wildrose Hayden (Murphy x Pinny).

I wanted to let you both know how happy I am with her abilities and optimistic about her future. She is obedient, fast, smart and going to be one heck of a gentleman's gun dog.

We have been taking it slow over the past 3 days working on simple drills and getting re acquainted.

It was a pleasure to work with you both along with Bryan.

Bryan is an excellent communicator and dog trainer. I never worried about her as he was constantly updating me and keeping me in the loop.

She will be back for a month this summer to focus on water work and a tune up before the fall season.

See you down the road,

Below @ WR.Hayden is pictured training in bluegrass horse country. Lexington, KY Hi Mike,
We had a really good hunting season. Cyg (Ben x Amy) worked some great retrieves, including a long 200 yd. water retrieve for a mature swan. He probably made around 100 duck retrieves & a 100 geese too. Some of the goose retrieves were long too (1/4 mile). He marked them really well. Luckily I had witnesses w/ me. We did a bit of pheasant hunting too w/ good results. So Cyg will be 3 on 2/21.

Hello Wildrose, I just wanted to follow up and send you some pictures of Wildrose Cooper and my youngest son Maverick over the Christmas break. A day of Fly Fishing on the Linville River in North Carolina followed by Cooper's first pheasant hunt two days later (not a bad week for Cooper, Maverick and me). He did well, loving the retrieving, but not the shotguns going off at first. By the end he was great. I can't tell you how much Cooper means to us and how many people rave about his temperament and behavior. No doubt, the Wildrose Way is the way to go. Thank you again.
Best Always,
Jay McCloy
Charlotte, NC
Wildrose Cooper (Murphy x Pinny)

We wanted to share with you a few photos from Josie's first hunting season. We picked Josie (Kye x Becks) up from Wildrose in July of this year. She started her first hunting season retrieving teal in central Kansas, and has enjoyed hunting central Missouri mallards this winter. A big thank you to her trainer, Stephen! We couldn't have asked for a better dog, and are so happy we chose Wildrose.
Thank you & Merry Christmas,
Tyler & Sonya Reed
Platte City, Missouri

Got Broom's paperwork. Very impressive with all the IR FTCHs in there. Thanks for sending that. Just wanted to send you on an update (and thank you) now that we have hit the split in the Louisiana season:

Broom (Wildrose Finished Gundog) has proven an excellent retriever and a total pleasure during hunts and around the boats, camp and house. He has picked up over 125 ducks already and he has done it with an enthusiasm that is a total joy to watch. Even the veteran hunters in my group who get a lot of days in the field and have seen many good dogs are impressed by his speed and focus.

He responds to all commands consistently and he's recovered fallen birds deep in the notoriously tough roseau cane that most dogs won't even attempt to penetrate. As you say, his nose definitely knows. He also hunts the whole time on his perch rather than sleeping, or looking at you like a lot of dogs tend to. He even knows which birds are worth looking at (ducks) and which are not (pelicans, black birds, etc). Most impressively he will charge very long distances, slogging in brutally soft mud, on blind retrieves. These long blinds across soft mud flats is a great challenge for many dogs and he has proven himself in this practice.

Can't thank y'all enough, he has been a wonderful addition to our hunting season and is a critical member of the team. It is hard to imagine getting as perfect and turn-key a dog from any other trainer. As we say after he picks up after a volley of ducks, "it's looks like another clean sweep for Broom on that one"...

Thanks again,
John Loe, Alabama

Your boy Dixon has so impressed the guides at Tamarack, that they've asked if he is available to them for walk-ups! We completed our third walk-up today. It was my second one handling him. He was outstanding. Easily controlled, seldom put a foot wrong and is absolutely crazy about live birds. Steady, quarters easily, comes back to the whistle, sits to the gun - he's darn near perfect! He has an astounding memory for the "gone away" birds. I can get him refocused, but he doesn't want to forget the gone away birds.

Hope you're well. You would certainly be proud of Dixon's performance. He's truly an impressive character!

All the best,
Wildrose Dixon (Ben x Amy)

Dear Mike & Kathy,
We wanted to write you for a very long time now, to say how much we love our dog, Tessa Rose (2008 - Gusty Garry & Rybrae Baroness of Astraglen). She is incredibly smart, easy to train and picked up on everything so quickly!

In addition to being a great hunting dog, Tessa is also a wonderful family pet. She loves people and everyone is amazed with her demure and how she much she helps around the house. Seriously - she helps carry the laundry downstairs and groceries in from the car! Hence the name of "Wonder Dog"! In the blind, she sits so patiently waiting for the ducks to come in. The Minnesota winters can be very cold, so my wife made Tessa a wrap around blanket. Attached is a picture of Tessa in the blind with blanket wrapped around her. She is OFF and running once the ducks come in and she is released to go........... She is also an unbelievable Pheasant dog!

Best Regards,
Kevin & Suzanne Kelley
Saint Michael, MN

Mike and Cathy,
I wanted to give you some feedback about our wonderful pup, Wildrose Jed, Ben x Keeper) Master of the Duckside. He is now 3 years old and doing great. In the house, he is well mannered, loving, and ready to please. Always seeking companionship, he loves to gain attention through his retrieving. If we are sitting on the couch at night watching TV, he will sneak into other rooms and bring any number of things to us for praise. By the end of the evening, we are left with a small pile of items to return their respective places.

In the field, he has done everything I have asked of him. He delivers to hand with an infectious excitement. Even in the dead of winter, with few birds moving, freezing temps and frigid water, he gets the job done. Here in New Jersey, we have far too many of these days of few birds. However, we have been lucky to get out west for a hunt on Puget Sound, WA, the past few years. This year we harvested many ducks over 4 days of hunting and Jedi was responsible for his share of these retrieves. The property we hunt is also stocked with pheasant and Jedi has shown he can transition from the water to the field with ease.

Attached is a pic from this recent hunt.

Hope all is well,
Greg Stiefel
Mullica Hills, NJ

Hope all is well and your holidays were a blessing.
Attached is a picture of Flint (Rusty x Pinny) from a recent quail hunt. While the picture is awesome, I want to tell you the quick story. The bird he is retrieving is a single that our shooters flushed. Because of the quick shot, the bird was winged but still managed to go quite some ways, probably 60 yards, through the pines before going down in some thick stuff. Flint made a good mark, and the guide asked me to send Flint. When I lined and sent Flint, he put on a show. He hit that cover at full speed. Next thing we saw was the bird flutter up and Flint go airborne after the bird, snatching him out of mid-air. The photographer with us captured this photo on the return, perfectly illustrating the concentration and intensity I have come to expect from Flint and the Wildrose dogs. As you can see in the picture, the bird is very much alive and Flint's soft mouth kept him that way. This picture is testament to the training you did with him and the validity of the Wildrose Way.

Jonathan Siskey
75th Ranger Regiment

Amy and I want to let you and Mike know what a wonderful experience we had at Wildrose.Your staff was professional and greeted us with a welcoming smile. The grounds are well kept, the "orientation" was informative, not at all repetitive and just the right length of time. The demonstrations Mike had arranged were wonderful!

Molly (Kye x Delilah), our new pup, is a joy to watch, constantly showing us her intelligence and breeding!

Peter & Amy Ciborowski
Magnolia, TX

We picked Wildrose because of everything I have read, people I have talked to, and the trust I had in them. Wildrose always called me back, Cathy always answered the phone, and every question was always answered. I picked Nellie up on Friday the 12th of July. We were given a full tour of the facilities, met all the employees, spoke with the vet, and visited the store. The seminar was very informative and the staff friendly. Thank you Wildrose for making this a great experience! These photos were taken that day; Paul with Nellie from Wigeon/Belle. The photo of Nellie was taken at Memphis airport while we waited for our flight. Paul Rothlauf, New Jersey

Last Saturday we had a company canoe trip on the Shenandoah - Boss was great. water was decently high, one Class II rapids and a few Class Is...pretty calm river. (picture attached)
Boss had no problems in the canoe - we never flipped - and he only jumped out on command to retrieve.
Hope all is well - Boss is simply GREAT!! He is great at office, in the field for work, and at our weekly training sessions from your book. He has trained a couple times with other dogs - he is tops.

Mike Rolband
Wildrose Finished Dog and Adventurer "Boss"
Clifton, VA

I like to keep you updated on Hatch's progress. This past weekend was his 5th upland hunt ever. We hunted in Iowa for 3 days, then Indiana for 1 day and this past weekend hunted Northern Tennessee. The preserve set out 32 birds (10, pheasant, 10 chucker and 12 quail). Hatch found every bird, pointed every bird, flushed every bird and retrieved every bird for a perfect score. The preserve we hunted required a guide to walk with us in spite of me hunting my own dog and all I heard the whole time was how they force train their dogs and how he could not understand that no such techniques were used for Hatch. The big difference I am seeing in Hatch each time we hunt is his ability to hold his point until I give the flush command. I did not train this into him but rather he has lengthened his point longer each time to now wait for my command. He then pounces into the cover and gets the bird up every time. Hatch is absolutely amazing. He works close, points long, flushes and gently retrieves bird to hand without any problems. When I trust him we get our limit. And, he tells me when my sugars are low to prevent seizure. That's a Good Dog!!

Wildrose Hatch (Wigeon x Blondie)
Owner: Duane Miller, Mineral Bluff, GA

Murph's first few experiences in the duck blind have been spectacular. Everything from healing to and from the blind too marking all birds shot has been perfect. He is a totally different dog once put in the hunting situation. I hope I'm not jinxing anything but so far he has surpassed all my expectations. I really appreciate all you and the Wildrose team has done to get him to where he is today. I will keep you posted on his season and I will see you in the peanuts.

Thanks Again,

Mike & Kathy,
Will (8 yrs) & I enjoyed our trip out to Oxford to pick up Brandy in June on Father's Day weekend. It was our first father and son out of state trip together. What a perfect time! Mike, you were very patient with us and we really appreciate your time. Brandy was great in our small plane on the way back home to NC. Brandy is a great dog and has fit right in to our family. He is a constant companion to me. Will and I enjoy working with him everyday. It really is a wonderful time to spend together as a family.
We have had him out in the dove field a lot since Labor Day weekend and he has performed above expectations. How proud we are to have such a well trained and calm hunting dog. We are looking forward to the duck season. He is the perfect "Gentleman's" gun dog. I am attaching a few pictures. Thank you for hospitality.

Thank You,
Billy Wooten
Tarboro NC

Hi Cathy and Mike,
I just wanted to send you some pix of Gunner (Cedar X Rusty 8/11/11). These pix were taken in our back yard and on our walk through the woods across from our house. Gunner is doing very well. He is healthy happy and loves his evening outings. A few days it has been too hot to go for much of a run but usually cools down in the evenings so we can go for a hike. Ron hasn't been able to do as much training as he would like this spring as his back went out on him and he had to have major back surgery in June. He is hoping to get his brace off next week so he can be out more. So his training has been limited to heal work and recall on our walks and a few bumper throws from the porch on to the grass. He loves it and I know will do fine when more time to work.

He is a gentle loving dog and is good with the grandchildren and loves everyone. I have never heard him growl or show his teeth, not even once at anything! We had one almost calamity early this spring when I was taking him for a walk through a wooded/grassy area close to our house. I thought I had scoped the hill well for any sign of wildlife, but did not see the newborn fawn lying in the tall grass. Gunner found the less than 24 hour fawn and wanted to play with it. I thought it was a gopher or rock chuck I hears squealing and it was a fawn when I got over to him. Luckily no harm was done to fawn dog or owner. I was able to get him back on lead and leave the fawn who I am sure had some PTSD from Gunners' enthusiastic greeting but otherwise unharmed.

All in all, Gunner is everything we hoped for and more. He has brought so much joy and love into our home. We are very very happy we went with the best, not only for health but disposition and trainability. Wish we could go to the training in Idaho but with Ron's surgery etc just won't work out for this year but please keep up on your mailing list. Stay cool!

Donna Greenwood MSN,RN
Helena, MT

Hiya Mike and Cathy,
Can't remember if I ever sent you all a picture of Tosh (Kane x Purdey). She has turned into a great all around hunter. I couldn't be happier with the quaility of dog she is. This is an older pic. One of the few times I actually had the camera with me. I would rather hunt and watch a great dog work than take pictures. Tosh's registered name is Wildrose Lord Angus's Tosh of Drakes. Tosh is always carrying something around. She prefers birds, but a stick, pinecone, or plastic water bottle left in the yard will do. Thanks again for the great dog.
Rachele and Doug Lord
Carthage, Missouri

Thought I'd pass along a photo of Wildrose Honeyboy Williams, aka "Willy". Sire: Whisky Dam: Sweep DOB 04/04/2006. Location of photo: Lake Michigan, just North of Chicago, Illinois. 80-pounds, fit and trim. Willy is a fantastic dog; hunts upland game and is a model citizen - admired by all with whom he meets. We will undoubtedly look to Wildrose for our next dog.
Grant Kottmeyer
Vernon Hills, IL

Colt is the red son of Ben and Kela and Cabella is the daughter of Wiskey and Abbey. They are doing awesome and are the family pride and joy. This picture was taken in South Dakota this past December. Headed to Georgia to quail hunt this month.
Steve and Macey Palmer
Boaz Ky, 42027

I think this 51-day old pup knew 'sit' and 'come', and was working on 'stay' when I picked him up 4 days ago. Remarkable. Kudos to all involved please. -Keith Williams

Cathy and Mike-
Hope all is well. I wanted to thank you both for what I consider to truly be one of the most relaxing trip me and my wife Rebecca have ever had - the entire operation was so impressive and more important to me calming! I'm sure this is probably been said many times before . You know having been in the hunting and fishing industry for over 30 years I have had the opportunity to experience some of the best lodges, hunting, dogs , dog handlers etc. -in my opinion Wildrose Kennel and Company are "The Best of the Best". First, I'd like to say trainer Steven Lucius is in my opinion is without a doubt a veteran trainer despite his age and gentleman to say the least- it was our pleasure meeting him. I learned so much from Steve and have started to handle my other dogs the same way the Wildrose Way, he should be commended ! I truly have a problem trying to express how well trained Tide is for only a 1 1/2 yr. old dog. He has settled in here wonderfully , easy , calm and responsive! All the obstacles that I was concerned about- handling geese in the field, salt water , some of the adverse conditions a dog may have to experience in the northeast , this Wildrose dog handled easily!! Tide (Ruff x Mattie) is with me day and night exactly where I want him.
Capt. Tom Cornicelli
E. Moriches, NY

Hope you all did not party too hard bringing in the New Year. My idea of "ringing in the new year" was staying at home playing board games with family, getting to bed early and getting a good nights sleep. Priorities change with time.

I just came in from being outside for the last hour or two with the dogs. It was a bit chilly, 30 degrees and winds at 15-20 mph. I was properly dressed so the only thing I had to do was enjoy the moment. As I watched the dogs work, I was thinking of how privileged I am to own three of your dogs and how much pleasure they bring each day. If someone could have given me a choice of being on a sunny beach or standing in the field watching the dogs I would choose the later.

I doubt when you started this journey that you envisioned the many ways that families across this country would benefit each and every day by the addition of WR dog. Few will understand the time, money, stress and commitment that it has taken for your vision to become reality. Thanks for having the vision that has touched so many families in so many ways and the joy your dogs have brought to my life.

Jim Bowers
Springfield, TN

I just wanted to take a minute and send some new photos of Henry (Whiskey x Reba). He is a fantastic puppy! He stays right with us and has not chewed on anything that he shouldn't. Of course, this could be because he has enough toys to last a lifetime. In addition to being house broken, he knows his name and responds whenever he is called. He can sit, wait (he is great this!), come when called and walks on a leash better than most dogs in the neighborhood. He looks like a pro when we walk he and Howie. He starts puppy class next week. I can't believe he will be 12 weeks old later this week.

As you can see from the pictures, he is getting tall. He is truly a joy and we are so grateful to Wildrose for him. We will definitely want to add another Wildrose puppy to the family once we lose Howie. We will also plan to bring him to Colorado next summer for the Adventure Dog Training.

Thanks so much to you and the Wildrose staff.

Susan Elliott
Phoenix, AZ

Here is a recent photo of "Hatch" from the July 15 litter of Wigeon and Blondie. He is now 3 months and 2 weeks old and weighs 33 pounds. He sits, stays, heels, comes, is 100% potty trained and has been for weeks and 100% crate trained. He only makes sounds when it is important and he is very calm. He "kennels" into his crate on command and will stay in his spot for hours. He is running doubles and yesterday pulled off a blind double retrieve when the first bumper went long and over a hill and the second bumper went into deep cover. He trusted his nose for the first deep cover retrieve and trusted my hand signal directing him to the long and over the hill bumper that was at least 30 yards away and in a small depression so he had to hold the line and trust I sent him in the right direction. Both bumper were delivered directly into my hand.

As far as the Diabetic Alert Training, this is a slow yet rewarding process. He is learning that the smell of low bold sugar is a very good thing although I do not get as low as often as necessary for better training, I have been low enough times that he is getting the idea.

I have already taken him into restaurants and he patiently stays at my feel and is very calm. He has stayed at 5 Marriott Hotels already and we have had no accidents whatsoever. He even stayed downtown Nashville and used the bathroom in the Bank of America flowerbed as there is no grass in downtown Nashville at all.

Bottom line, this dog is amazing and the breeding and genetics are by far the most amazing I have ever owned.

He is a blessing to have around and he is with me nearly all the time yet patiently waits for me to return when I must be away. A true "Gentleman’s Gun Dog" and "Best Friend".

Hats off to Wildrose Breeding. I have already referred several people your way.

I look forward to January Puppy class. Hatch will do great.

Duane V. Miller
Mineral Bluff, GA

Since I've had JD my life has become so much easier. I may now live my life without worrying at any moment I might suffer from a low blood sugar.

He is starting to alert at night which is giving me the confidence to be able to sleep alone comfortably knowing I'll wake up the next morning.

He is my best friend and my hero,without him I would not be living today.
Deanna Whitehead

Dear Wildrose,
Our Wildrose Maizie (Widgeon x Piper), 14 months old, who was trained by Dr. Jay Lowry and Lisa Mayer, arrived in our home here in Arkansas almost 30 days ago. We are delighted to report to you that she is an absolute joy and already a treasured member of our household.

Our instructions to you were that we wanted a dog trained to be a member of our family, socialized to interact with our grandchildren and the chaos around them, to live in our home and sleep in our bedroom. I also asked Wildrose to expose her to "farm life"; i.e., horses, cows, wide-open expanses and accompanying me in a bass boat, while reinforcing her obedience training in an open environment. All the above was accomplished in spades!

Again, since arrival, Maizie has become a treasure to us all. She is obedient, incredibly eager to please and affectionate with our grandchildren – and with us! She is all – and more – that we expected and hoped for, vis-a-vis our first contact with you, six months before her litter was born.

If any of your potential clients seek a recommendation concerning Wildrose's breeding programs and/or training programs for a Lab who will become a live-in member of a family household, do not hesitate to have them call me.

All my best,
Bob Nolan
El Dorado, AR

Well-- we ended my most successful duck season in 43 seasons (Tango (Whiskey x Sweep) picked up 128 ducks / with 35 one morning--pic attached) and "the hits just keep coming". While he has picked up snow geese and speckle bellies before, I finally took him on his first canada goose hunt last weekend and it was "game on"!

Tango picked up 6 limits ( 18 geese) in less than 25 minutes of shooting. The first shot and last shot were singles and the rest came in 3 different groups one right after another. It was pretty fast and furious shooting with 2 long sailer's with one probably a 200+ yard blind. While we have never trained with a goose or with a goose dokens, he went and picked his first goose like he'd been doing it for years and about 6 of the 18 geese were giants as well.

Ken Fehlig
Chesterfield, MO

Mike, Just a note to let you know that Tess "Emerald Lady" a started dog I purchased from you has completed another hunting season. Tess has been hunted in Canada for ducks and geese in all 5 times and on her first trip, retrieved 3 hunters limits in 1 afternoon through tall standing grass and crops.

Since then she hunts the tidal rivers of Virginia and serves as a retrieving dog at the tower pheasant shoots I attend 3 times each fall/winter. This past weekend, she accompanied me to the tower shoot and made numerous retrieves, but more impressive was her performance on 4 days ago at age 11 when she flushed and retrieved another dozen pheasant my son and I shot. after the tower release. (the handsome gentleman is my son). Tess is now gray and moves more carefully, but has been wonderful all along the way. Best Regards, Jackson B. Salvant Jr. M. D.

Hi Cathy and Mike
I just wanted to touch base and share some photos of Riggs (Kane x Sage), the puppy I purchased from you guys in the fall of 2009 with you. Riggs has turned into a great hunting and family companion. This spring was his first goose season I allowed him to actually hunt the big birds and he did great. He came along with me during previous waterfowl seasons but did not get to retrieve, rather, he remained on lead and had to sit and watch our senior lab working.

Riggs also did exceptionally well at 13 months of age on walk up ptarmigan hunts. He quickly learned to sit/ stay and remain quiet while wild birds were walking about. Once the birds were flushed and shot, he would then be sent to retrieve. I never thought I would have a steady to flush and shot dog but he is well on his way to achieving this. His lining is still weak as he tends to favour the wind on retrieves, but he makes up for my training mistakes with a keen nose and exceptionally fast return with game.

We tried to follow the training principles outlined in your two videos and the outcome was better than I could have ever expected. Riggs’ intelligence combined with his strong desire to please, made the training process very easy. Your breeding program at Wildrose Kennel is exceptional and something to be proud of. When its time for another hunting retriever I’ll be sure to look for Wildrose first.

Thanks for a great companion.
Stephen Hartman
Nungut, Canada

Wildrose Kennels
I along with my father would like to express our appreciation and respect for everyone at Wildrose. We had an amazing time Saturday. We had an experience that we will never forget. The staff was very courteous and took interest in our questions and concerns. The facility was A+, just like we expected. My new puppy IKE is starting to settle in to his new home and seems to catch on very quickly to what I expect. This Wildrose trip will not be our last. We've decided to revisit with you again in the training class either in March or April. Again thanks for everything and hope to see you soon.

Cathy, I really want to express my gratitude to you in helping me get a pup as soon as possible and making room on this litter.

David L. Todd

Sparkey (Bob x Ash) finished the Missouri duck season with 78 retrieves. He had to fight ice almost every hunt. He had some 80 to 100 yard retrieves in frigid water and in most instances was breaking up to half inch ice. Quite a dog. He is now delivering to hand and I don't even get off the chair or bench. The person who I have been hunting on, at first didn't like Sparkey. It was his first time seeing a well-trained dog. He now sees the value of sending the dog, versus letting the dog do his thing. His son has an old Lab and when she goes he is looking to replace her. I am pushing for him to buy, and have you train his Wildrose pup. Thanks again for a great hunting Lab and an even greater companion. Goose season is on and when they come we will be after them.

Ron Riner Shawnee, Kansas

I thought I would drop you a quick update on my pup, Deacon (Kane x Belle). We picked Deacon up from you 3 years ago this past August. Deacon weighs in at 62 pounds, and is the most athletic and fast lab I have ever seen. Deacon has grown into an absolutely exceptional dog. Deacon has an extremely calm, friendly personality, and loves all people, especially children. Deacon is gentle enough that we have allowed my youngest (just turned 1 year) to crawl all over him since the moment she was mobile and Deacon seems to enjoy it. Deacon was a joy to train and is one of the most mindful dogs I have ever met. The best part is that he has turned into a fantastic upland bird and duck dog. He has a great upland nose and I think he would rather look for pheasant than eat a medium rare steak. Deacon is also good in a blind or waiting behind a dam for ducks. Deacon has really turned into an unbelievable dog.

Here is a picture of my son, on his first hunting trip, with Deacon.

Thank you for providing me this addition to our family.

Miles Franz
Leawood, Kansas

Unfortunately we were unable to meet last August when I visited Wildrose to pick up Lorie (Kane x Molly), so I just wanted to take a second to thank you both.

The past four months have been an incredible time and Lorie has brought much joy to my life. She has already demonstrated many if not all of the qualities you highlight on your website found in a "Gentleman's Gundog". Since the time we first picked her up in Oxford, she has been a pleasure to train and a joy to watch in the field. She has developed a deep desire to retrieve and even more importantly an insatiable desire to please. She has learned all of her lessons well, and with the help of your training articles online and several books' training schedules I have implemented, she is progressing quite nicely.

Over Thanksgiving we took her to South Texas for her first real trip to the hunting lease, and she did wonderfully! While we didn't hunt her at all, we did use some of the birds shot for short lessons and introductions to water retrieves. She also handled the gunfire magnificently and was ready to be in the heart of the action by the end of the trip.

Thank you very much for the services you and your team provided at puppy pick up and continue to offer through her development. I was very impressed with your puppy seminar and the facilities at Wildrose. I also cannot give higher compliments to your dogs.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take home a Wildrose pup. I hope that I can add to your stellar reputation by continuing to develop Lorie into a true Gentleman's Gundog! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Campbell Roche
Dallas, TX

Dear Mike and Cathy,
I want to take this opportunity to Thank you both for all the work everyone has done with Tess, Patrick has been a great trainer and is very professional, detailed, and serious about doing the best job he can, We are very pleased with Patrick's work and he did it the Wildrose Way.

I want you both to know that Carolyn and I are pleased in every way with our Wildrose Tess, I wanted a started dog, and now I have one, Please feel free any time to have folks call us if we can recommend Wildrose Kennels, Wildrose is simply the Best in the business !

Wildrose not only has great dogs, but You both are folks of high integrity, character, and have a true love for these dogs that shows.

Thank you again for all of your consideration, care, and help, and expertise, it has been deeply appreciated.

Best Regards!
Bill and Carolyn Campbell
Naperville, IL. 60540

Hi Cathy & Mike
We're off to the best duck season in 43 years with the best duck dog we've ever had. For the first time ever, I've shot a limit of 6 ducks each of the 6 trips we've been able to make so far this Nov. and Tango has picked up a total of 99 ducks on these 6 trips with 35 for our group on one morning.

Here is a picture I thought was so cool of Tango (Whiskey x Sweep) watching a group of ducks that were working the decoys in a Missouri timber hole--and another of him watching a group over a floooded field --thought you would enjoy as well. He sure does enjoy his work!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a Blessed Christmas Holiday Season.

Ken Fehlig
Chesterfield, Missouri

Mike and Cathy,
Just wanted to pass on this update from Texas, where Bishop (Kane x Hazel) and I are enjoying his fourth season. The picture below was taken near Tivoli, Texas, this past Sunday. You can just barely make out the duck floating on the water way up and to the left, where Bishop is heading. It was a blind retrieve, one of several of that length that he made without hesitation on a beautiful morning in the Texas marsh. This was our 16th day in the field so far this season. Bishop continues to enjoy good health and his drive, nose, and deportment continue to amaze my dad and me. He just loves to hunt. The first bird I killed this morning was a little green-wing that fell on the island where we were set up and that slithered into such dense cover that I could barely stick my hand in. I don't know how, but when I gave Bishop the hi-loss command, he smelled that bird immediately and somehow jammed his body all the way into the cover and came out with the bird in about ten seconds. I was dumbfounded. The gentleman we were hunting with on this morning, and who took this picture, was so impressed by his performance, steadiness, and quiet behavior, that you may be hearing from him soon.

Hope y'all are well and enjoying lots of time in the field. Bishop and I are headed to Dumas, Texas, up in the panhandle, next week for a combo goose and pheasant hunt.

We thank you for this wonderful dog, who is much beloved by all who meet him for his gentle nature and good spirits. We are as devoted to him as he is to us.

Very best regards,
George Rau
Victoria, TX

I hope that you and Mike are well. We have an absolute dream dog that is 6 ½ years old. Scarlet is a Wildrose dog and as she ages, I would like to start thinking about her replacement. I am curious about the length of your waiting list. I believe that Scarlet has several more good years in her, but I want to be thinking about a future dog. I hunt her 2-4 times per week and hope to continue that pace in the future.

We have had many labs in the past, but nothing matches the smarts, manners and behavior of Scarlet (Baron x Patsy).

With best regards,
Art Bond
St. Louis, MO

We can't tell you how much we have enjoyed having Boomer a part of our family. At 14 weeks old he can sit, stay, heal, and fetch great. I never thought it could be this easy to train a pup.

Everyone that meets Boomer is so amazed how much he knows at a young age. I just tell them that this is what to expect from Wildrose and nothing less. He really is an amazing pup. Y'all truly have the finest hunting dogs around.

Can't wait to have Boomer in the blind next year with me. Thanks again for the best pup that my family and I could have asked for.

To everyone at Wildrose have the best of holidays & and thank you for the card.

Wildrose Boomer ( Ruff & Molly(B) )
Owners: Tim and Audra Neal
Weeletka , OK

Mike and Cathy,
I can't tell you how much our family is enjoying our pup, (Millie-6 months). She has far exceeded our expectations for a both a family pet and a true field dog. We're looking forward to future training and more "love" from our wonderful Wildrose puppy. The attached picture was on the water at our fishing club this past weekend. Millie regularly sits with me in the boat for five to six hours and is the perfect fishing companion. I would have never expected this from such a young dog. Can't wait until she is ready for a hunting season! Our experience with Wildrose and Millie has been exceptional.


We just returned from a fantastic time at Wildrose. Glennis gave us an awesome tour of the kennels, we visited with some of the dogs, saw the puppies and watched as they went to their new owners.
My friends fell in love with the place, the dogs, your employees( all were so welcoming and friendly). Glennis worked DAD Alfie and he did perfect. She was so knowledgeable and personable and a great trainer. They were blown away with Wildrose and I believe will be great advocates for the DADs.Thank you for asking Glennis to show us around and taking her time today. We missed you all.

Mike, Cathy
Dixie (Kane x Bonnie II) is just back from her third year of hunting South Dakota & she is a different dog from last year. I think she has just matured enough & now realizes she is part of a team & I am leading.

At one point we were walking, she at heel, along a wooded lot on our way to post a corn field & she made a move like she wanted to go into the brush. I kept her at heel & told the guys there were birds in the woods close by. Ten steps later a rooster got up, which I shot. What a great dog.

Also have to mention how nice it is having a quiet steady dog while all the others are going nuts. I can put her on sit at the end of a field & move myself 50 yards away without concern for her breaking.

Doug Huberty Elk River, Minnesota

To everyone at Wildrose Kennels,
I have to share this wonderful story with everyone at Wildrose……We had a great shoot this past Sunday taking 6 mallard, 1 widgeon, and 3 geese. The highlight of the hunt was when we had a flock of 4 ducks come in and we dropped all 4. One of the birds was crippled and swam on the other side of the pond and a friend of mine with his dog went over there and the duck dove and never came up. After an hr went by I took my lab (Drake - Whiskey/Piper pup) over along the bank to see if we can find the drake mallard. This is Drakes first season and 4th hunt of the year. We got to the bank and Drake got birdie and flushed him immediately and the duck went to the water and dove. I could not get a shot off and again the duck never came up. It was dead calm and not a ripple on the water and I could not see this duck come up for the life of me. I swear this duck had a snorkel. We walked back on the other side and again he flushed him from the bank and he was gone, again without getting a shot off. This happened three times….I about gave up and I called Drake to heal and we were going to go back up and meet with the guys to finish our hunt. Walking back Drake stops begins whining/crying and scratching at the dirt with his paws. I call him to me and he won't come so I walk back over to him to see what's up and I see a hole about 8" in diameter next to the bank near a willow tree. Now, Drake is trying to stick his head in this hole and it would not fit. I'm thinking to myself it's probably a muskrat and not the duck. I'm thinking the only way to find out was to stick my hand in the hole. So I am a little leery about shoving my arm in this hole not knowing what could be in there. I put my glove on and literally stick my hand in this hole all the way up to my armpit and I felt something move and I immediately pulled my arm out. I was a little scared okay a lot scared. I did it again crabbed hold pulled and the thing moved and again I let go. This time before going in a third time I see the ducks bill grabbed it real quick and pulled him out. I could not believe it to say the least!!. I was so proud of Drake.

My dog is everything and much more than I ever expected. All my hunting buddies are amazed on how well he behaves and his calm temperament. They praise him constantly.

Thanks to everyone at Wildrose Kennels!!

Tom Aurora, IL

Mike & Kathy,
Just read Mike's article on "The Polished Duck Dog" and could not help but drop you a note to brag on Cooper (Kane X Hazel 5/08) and send you a couple pictures. Duck season opened here in Missouri this past weekend. We were flooded out of the river bottoms until this past Wednesday/Thursday when Cooper and I got the opportunity to go on his first 2 live hunts.

I can't begin to tell you how well he did but short of seeing my son take his first mallards a few years back I can tell you there is no better feeling than seeing a young Wildrose Lab perform with drive, determination and total control what he and I have been working on for 17 months now. Thanks to your Wildrose DVD and following it to the letter Cooper retrieved his first 8 birds in the flooded timber like a veteran. You can imagine my anticipation as I sent him on his first retrieve's (actually a woodie double about 20 yards apart from each other). Released him on his name and like a rocket he lined to the first bird. Back at hand waiting for the give command he was already at heal waiting for a second line. He took it and with the same effort returned back he came with a soft delivery, setting patiently until I asked him to give.

The second day I harvested a limit of drake green wings doubling twice and then two singles. As you know teal are a pretty small bird and when lying face down in flooded timber can be pretty hard to see when looking down at the water let alone being at eye level like Cooper was. Let's just say Cooper took six lines and searching as he went kicked that "nose" into high gear. He did not stumble on a single bird and did take my hand signal to the only one he was upwind of.

I did use a tie lead in the blind just as a precaution but didn't really need it. He set beside me like a veteran scanning the morning sky for birds. At one point we had approx. 50-60 teal work and land in the spread. Though I was pretty excited Cooper stayed steady.

The hunt was better than I thought possible. I owe it to you guys, your Wildrose bloodline, the training DVD and Cooper's desire to please me. I also think the transition training that I did with Cooper before the season, getting him used to the blind, flooded timber, tie lead, etc. was the "icing on the cake" in preparing him for the hunt.

Thanks for all your assistance over the last 1.5 years. You can rest assured the Ducks are in real trouble this year with Cooper on the job.

Darren Doyle Freeman, Mo

This is Barry Holland from Ward Arkansas. My wife and I picked up a yellow female from you on March 29th. I just wanted to pass the word on that we are amazed at the calmness and intellegence of Lady. I wanted a top of the line pup to really shape my ideal bird dog out of and Lady looks like she is going to be every bit of that and more. I am following the training on the website training archives as a training guide. Right now she eagerly responds to a whistle come, and knows sit. She recognizes her name well and is establishing eye contact very well. I am only giving her 2 or 3 retrieves with a knotted sock right now and she is more than eager to do so. In order for her to get her food I require her to sit calmly and she is doing it great. She is the most eager to please pup I have ever worked with. Thank you for the quality dog!

Sincerly, Barry and Shannon Holland

Mike and Cathy,
Thanks for the wonderful puppy. I have had labs all of my life, I have trained dogs for 10years, and I have my own dog training business for 3years. I have never had a puppy be this birdy or show this much enthusiasm at 8weeks old. She retrieved her first duck at 7weeks. I know you know this but I want you to know you truly have the Rolls Royce of hunting dogs. I look forward working with Wild Rose this year and years to come. I will be with you guys in March for the Handlers Class. Thanks again.

Jamie Spragis Warrenton, GA

Wildrose "Tallulah" Storm (Whiskey/ Sable pup) retrieved her first goose Dec. 22nd 2009 on the Choptank River, Eastern shore of Maryland.

That was an awesome sight to see, from 6 week old pup to hauling in a Canada goose, I would like to say I had something to do with it but this dog will go get anything if you let her. Have a good one,
Ryan Owens
Fort Meade, MD

Mike and Cathy,
I just wanted to say thank you for the way you treated me and my family when we picked up Angus (Kane & Bailey) back in October. Since then, I have followed a slow but steady training regiment(No Testing) and am amazed at how easy this dog is to train and the natural abilities that he has. I handle and train dogs for a living at work and have never seen one with true bred in ability that compares to this one. It is still early but if things continue to go like they are, I will have one of the finest hunting dogs available. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all at some of your training sessions. Merry Christmas.

Corporal W. Richerson Montgomery, Alabama

Mike and Cathy, just got your Christmas card. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Levi (Ben x Cindy) is doing great, he is such a gentle and sweet dog with a the best disposition we have ever had. He just loves being a part of our family. He is doing very well with his training. He is healing and staying very well, retrieving and delivering to hand. We just started him on hand signals and he is picking up on it great. We have enjoyed him so much. When Garrett moves out and takes him one day we will have another one from you.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Geena Beech Spanish Fort, AZ

Hi Mike and Cathy,
I thought you might enjoy a couple pictures from Massachusetts of one of Kane and Lass's pups from March of 2008. She started hunting this fall and has been a joy to hunt with. She worked hard with all her training and finally got to put all the pieces together. She is polite and quiet, will sit for hours steady to the shot. I made her a treestand to keep her bum dry and she loves it. She also was trained as an antler dog for finding shed deer antlers, she found three her first spring at 10 mos old. Overall a wonderful dog to train, live and work with.
Thanks. Craig Winsor, East Bridgewater Mass

Mike and Cathy,
I just wanted to say thank you for the way you treated me and my family when we picked up Angus (Cain & Bailey) back in October. Since then, I have followed a slow but steady training regiment(No Testing) and am amazed at how easy this dog is to train and the natural abilities that he has. I handle and train dogs for a living at work and have never seen one with true bred in ability that compares to this one. It is still early but if things continue to go like they are, I will have one of the finest hunting dogs available. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all at some of your training sessions. Merry Christmas.

Corporal W. Richerson
Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Office, K9-Unit

I found another reason to own a Wildrose dog. Its called heart. Sparkey was hunting a frozen strip pit. We had a hole in the ice of about 50 yards in front of the blind. We dropped a gadwall and as often happens, he came back to life and started swimming to get away from Sparkey. He made it to the ice. Sparkey could see him and tried to break the ice to get after him. I thought that perhaps he could do it not knowing the ice was close to 2 inches thick. After several minutes it became apparent that the ice wouldn't give and I tried to break him off. He broke off momentarily but then circled back convinced he could get the duck. I was about ready to get the boat to retrieve him and I broke him off again. With the constant blowing of the recall I got him headed for the blind, and thanks to his Wildrose training and me staying with the recall he made the swim of 50 yaeds safely. My hunting buddy remarked that he didn't think a lab could swim that long in that cold of water and not be winded or shivering. I assured him that it takes heart and training to get that out of a dog. Mike thanks again for a great dog. Your selective breeding and training sure shows. By the way Sparkey already had made several retrieves before this one.

Wildrose Sparkey, pup and training by Wildrose
Owner, Ron Riner
Shawnee, Kansas

Hi Mike and Cathy,
Wanted to drop you a quick note and a couple pictures for the "hunting pictures" section of your website on Cooper's continued progress his rookie season. Since my last note of 11/6/09 Cooper (Kane X Hazel (whelped 04/08) has now retrieved another 70 + mallard, widgeon, gadwall and teal. He continues to learn with each retrieve and has now worked in both flooded timber and shallow open water marshes. It is great to see him work the timber but his work in the open marsh was every bit as impressive. To see him blast through the shallows on a line, return and then do it three more times in succession on birds hidden on the opposite marsh levee impressed even the most seasoned of my duck hunting partners. (picture 337 is Cooper's 1st mallard retrieve and testimony to how effective Mike's hold conditioning training method is. He was content to gently hold the bird all day think…and then released it without hesitation upon command without hardly a feather out of place).

Most of Missouri is now froze up tight and we will turn our attention to the Canada geese starting to arrive in large numbers. Can't wait to see how Cooper handles the big boys…but I'm sure he will do super…Have a great Holiday Season!!!

Darren & Cooper
Freeman, MO

Hi Mike and Cathy,
I thought you might enjoy a couple pictures from Massachusetts of one of Kane and Lass's pups from March of 2008. She started hunting this fall and has been a joy to hunt with. She worked hard with all her training and finally got to put all the pieces together. She is polite and quiet, will sit for hours steady to the shot. I made her a treestand to keep her bum dry and she loves it. She also was trained as an antler dog for finding shed deer antlers, she found three her first spring at 10 mos old. Overall a wonderful dog to train, live and work with.

Craig Winsor, East Bridgewater Mass

In November 2008, I traveled to Wildrose Kennels and selected an eight week old puppy, Boone, with the long term goal of training the dog to become an accelerant detection canine. After selection, Boone was left under the watchful eye of Jeremy Criscoe, Wildrose Senior Trainer, to begin obedience training, socialization, and introduction to accelerants. During the next five months, Jeremy developed Boone to my expectations, followed all training protocols and left me with a strong foundation on which to build.

Since coming to Middle Tennessee, Boone has continued to mature and has received over 150 hours of specialized accelerant detection training. As an accelerant detection canine, Boone will be called upon to search burned buildings or vehicles and correctly pinpoint the location of miniscule levels of 18 different accelerants, both raw and burned, not consumed during a fire.

Last week, Boone and I traveled to Kansas City, MO where dogs from across the United States and Canada participated in the annual proficiency examination conducted by the Canine Accelerant Detection Association (CADA). The exam, conducted over 2 ½ days, tested each dog's ability to correctly locate minute amounts of various burned accelerants, search burned structures/vehicles, deal with external distractions and conduct indoor/outdoor searches for evidence. All searches had to be completed without error and within specified time limits.

Mike, I am pleased to share with you that Boone and I are now certified as an Accelerant Detection Canine Team. Pretty amazing when you consider Boone, at 12 months, was the youngest participant - the majority of dogs being between three and eight years of age. Since there are only about 200 accelerant canines in the United States, Boone has joined an elite group.

During Boone's exam I was asked why I risked money, time, and possible failure in selecting a young, untested puppy for this difficult task. (Most dogs are not selected for training until they are over a year old to assure that they have the right temperament, drive and ability.) I explained that my decision was based on Wildrose Kennel's proven history - producing great dogs using a tremendous gene pool and proven training techniques.

Thanks for supplying me with a dog that has exceeded my expectations and will be an invaluable tool in fighting insurance fraud.

Jim Bowers
Madison, Tennessee

Hi Mike,
Just wanted to let you know Jack just ended his 3rd full season. He has now been on 140 hunts and picked up 2100 plus birds under the harshest conditions possible. He is routinely making blinds in the 200-300 yard range. Our marsh grasses have been devasted twice by hurricanes in the last 3 years so the marsh is much more open than normal and with a wind, cripples get out in a hurry. Jack continually amazes guests with his stamina but one particular retrieve this year was the stuff legends are made of. In fact other hunters were watching through binoculars because it was so far. Long story short the retrieve ended up being about a half mile ! It was a blind and I was able to cast him back about 400 yds when he began to wind the duck. At about 500 yds the duck jumped a hundred yds in front and he caught him at about a half mile. Great dog !
Hope all is well with you and your business.

Mark Boniol

Mike and Cathy,
Thought I'd share a quick picture from the Nebraska prairie chicken season opener last Saturday, September 12th. Seeing the article on grouse hunting in the e-newsletter made me think to send this. We accomplished a three man limit in a single field after Lucy flushed 4 groups of chickens, each bunch numbering at least 15 birds. She then located and retrieved each bird. Sunday morning produced another limit in similar fashion. She's a wonderful dog by all measurements.

At four years old (February 2010), Lucy has accomplished the grand slam of upland birds in Nebraska (Sharptail Grouse, Prairie Chicken, Pheasants, bobwhite quail and Hungarian Partridge). As good as she is on upland birds, she's better on waterfowl. She spends the majority of her hours hunting waterfowl each year on the beautiful sandhill lakes of North Central Nebraska. I'm fortunate to be one of 30 members in the oldest hunting club in the state of Nebraska, Red Deer Hunt Club. With a private 350 acre lake bordering the Federal Refuge and 800 acres of wild rice fields, swamps and sloughs galore; it is truly a paradise for Lucy to explore.

Warm regards and thank you again for the best friend and hunting companion I could ask for!

Tom Sonderegger Lincoln, NE

Just wanted to drop an email to you and let you know how Mojo is making out. I see he made your puppy page, and I attached a couple new photos. My vet, a self proclaimed lab guy says Mojo is the best looking lab he has ever seen. He is out of the Tommy and Piper litter born 3/27/06. This is first full hunting season and he is nothing less than incredible. As a guide, I do a lot of Goose hunting, and this year he had over 100 retrieves. The vast majority of those birds were live retrieves, and it doesn't faze him. Talk about a soft mouthed retriever; even with a biting bird, Mojo returns them without even a feather missing. I use a "mutt hut" and he stays in there for 2-3 hours at times while we are waiting on the flights to come through. He never makes a sound, and is rock solid on the shot. Highlights of the year include several 250+ yard blind retrieves, and running down a wounded but flying bird as it got up while he was on a retrieve. He chased that bird for 75 yards at full speed, until he was able to grab a hold of its feet and pull it down.

I can't speak highly enough about Mojo, or my day spent picking him up. What a facility, and what a great experience it was. Thanks again !!

Douglas Talley Lisbon, MD

Douglas Talley
Captain / Guide

Just wanted to say thanks for such a fine dog. Beamer is a Whiskey Raven pup and is doing great! I have done all the training myself relying on the books I read from Vic Barlow and Robert Milner as well as watching The Wildrose Way several times. Beamer has been a joy to train. He goes to work with me everyday and spends his days putting smiles on the faces of everyone that stops by. As a novice trainer it has been a real joy training a dog that is so eager to learn and equally intelligent.. We have just spent the weekend at River Chase Farms in N.E. Arkansas shooting doves and working around the lodge getting ready for Duck Season. He picked up his share of the birds and was very well behaved around the lodge. He is most impressive when looking for lost birds. What a nose! Thanks to you and your staff for producing such a fine gun dog and companion.

Cliff Odum
Eatonton, Ga.

The Odum Family
Cliff, Brandy, Madison and Annabelle

I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying my dog. She is truly amazing, she doesn't need any training it's almost like she already knows everything....you just have to ask her to do it.She is a very important part of our family and is well mannered, behaving better than most of our friends children. Dixie has proven to be the BEST investment I have made in a long time. Just wanted you to know what a SUPER dog I got from you.

Keith Clifton
Jackson, Tennessee

Your newsletter this morning reminded me of our puppy. She is definitely the most obedient and amazing puppy I've ever seen. Anyone that meets her or spends time with her compliments us on her skills at such a young age. When we throw the dummies she is quiet, patient, and retrieves when her name is called. She always drops the dummy for us instead of trying to pull it away like many puppies. This dog is amazing and we love her very much! She's just starting to think about water, she didn't like it early on. We'll keep you updated on her progress. Thanks again for changing our lives with this perfect dog!

Ginny Andrews Jackson
Houston, Texas

Dear Mike and Cathy:
I have been intending to drop you an e-mail about our Wildrose lab "Scarlet". She is absolutely the best dog we have ever had. She is the best mannered and disciplined retriever at our duck club. I am the envy of every other member, not only for her manners and discipline, but also her effectiveness in retrieving birds.

My wife has Scarlet with her up in Maine for the summer and she has become the envy of everyone in Camden, Maine.

I doubt that will ever have a dog like this, but you can bet that the rest of our labs will always be Wildrose dogs.

Art Bond

Mike and Cathy,
I read with interest in the latest newsletter about clients buying Wildrose dogs to use in scent detection, service and therapy work. On February 27, 2008 Lexie past her last test and was certified as a Service Dog and a Therapy Dog. She and I go every other Monday and visit an Alzheimer's unit of a local assisted living facility. She also master the scent detection test of the AKC and UKC Utility Dog test in one week. The judges with whom we were training were amazed that she could accomplish the task so quickly. They said most dogs require 6-12 months of training.

We still train on the ranch each day the tasks Mike gave us during our private session in January and are also training for the last leg of her "Open," Companion Dog Excellent UKC and AKC (CDX and UCDX) titles. She has also mastered all of the test events for her Utility Dog test. The training advice we received from Mike also helped both of us able to accomplish these tests due to my now calm assertive pack leadership which she loves.

Gary and Lexie Jarrett
Jacksonville, Florida

Good Morning. I wanted to take a second and share something with you. Last night I attended a practice session with a local AKC retriever club. With the exception of one pup, all were senior or master dogs running drills for this week ends event. Long story short, I set Missi on the line, on sit, and we watched the other dogs run for 30-40 minutes. She never broke and was steady as a rock, even as I left her and mingled with the crowd. I am sure this is no surprise to you, but having never been to one of these events I was amazed to see the behavior of the other dogs. None were as steady, quiet or well behaved. Every single person attending came by to speak to me at one point or another to compliment us. When they ran a steady drill and lined up all the dogs and threw water marks all the other dogs would creep, bark, whine. Missi sat and was un effected, other than the initial sit, she required no other attention. She was a HUGE hit. She now knows where her spot is in every room of our home. When we enter a room and tell her to load, no matter which room we are in, she goes quickly and quietly to her spot, and stays, content, until told otherwise. My daughter has a new best friend, and is going to handle her in an AKC hunt test on Sunday.. Please feel free to use me as a reference (although I doubt you need anymore). Few times in my life have I ever felt this good about an investment, the return on this one is beyond measure. Thank you.
Trenton Meeds
Derby, Kansas

I had Oakie (Bruce/Guinness, now 1.5 years) out hunting last weekend. It was his first time actually hunting since he has recovered from his knee surgery. I have been taking it really slow because I wanted to make sure he was recovered enough.

Hunting was very slow here in Ohio (blue sky and no birds) and he was a getting pretty bored in the blind. To keep Oakie occupied during the boredom, I took him for a long romp through the cut corn I was hunting (100 acres). Somewhere along the way I dropped my goose call (shadow grass camo) in the middle of the field. I did not realize this till I got back to the blind. Rather than just give up on an expensive call I decided to take Oakie for another little walk to try and find it. I transected the field and sent him off on blind retrieves hoping he could find the call. He picked up several corn cobs and various other items, but low and behold I saw him get real "birdy" in on area, so I let him wander around a bit in that spot. The next thing I knew he was sprinting back to me from about 50-60 yds away with my goose call in his mouth. I could not believe it. I can only attribute it to his drive to never quit and the impeccable nose that Wildrose dogs are noted as having. Well, I guess this just has to prove it. He got heavy praise and I decided to end the day on that great note.

Just thought that was a great story about how well these dogs can scent. I can only believe he smelled my scent on the call and that is what drew him to the area where I dropped it. Hopefully we will have better luck (with birds) the next time out. I don't have any worries about him losing a wounded bird because he will hunt till he finds it I am sure.

Joe Christopher
Columbus, Ohio

We made it home safely and the pup (Sadie) is doing very well. She is everything I would have picked in a pup, from being beautiful, having all the drive, running around picking up everything she can get her mouth on, and most certainly the intelligence. As the guys mentioned, she picks up everything very quickly! I have had other pretty good labs, but this one appears to be well beyond the others with her natural instincts! We felt that we were very much a part of the Wildrose family when we were down there and still do! I will definitely take more time to fill out the customer survey because your client's most certainly need to understand that you are running a very legitimate and serious business of breeding the best, in a family based service, for your future and present clients! I most certainly will keep you post on progress with Sadie. I will say that it's been a little while since I had a pup and I think the light is finally starting to come on with all I'm trying to digest with Mike's training methods. I can understand pretty much the do's and don'ts of his methods, especially since I now have a pup to work with!

Dave Spring
Huntingdon, Indiana

Thanks for everything. We are really excited. You have something very special at Wildrose, and we are glad to be part of it. Already looking forward to the next visit. Lowry

Mike and Cathy;

This is a note to thank you for the last 2+ years. I can remember you asking "what do you want?" when helping with the breeding selection for my eventual puppy, Ben. That was only the beginning. Now I feel that Ben has developed into my dream "Gentleman's Gun Dog" companion and I have also made two great friends. This is a brief summary of my experiences with Wildrose.

I've always wanted a good hunting dog. My previous lab was a good dog but had hard head and championship field trial genes. He was professionally trained on an electronic collar. He was hyper most of the time and not fun to be around. Since I had little experience with training, my ability to maintain the dog's skills in the field deteriorated over time. The dog was trained well, but I wasn't. I did not want that to happen again.

Superior genetics of the Wildrose dogs bred for hunting and temperament were an attraction to me. Mike's national reputation was good enough for me to make the plunge for my next dog. As things unfolded, it got even better. My first visit to the Wildrose Kennels sealed my decision. It is a fabulous facility and Wildrose offered opportunities to train me with my dog as he developed. The trips from Colorado to Oxford made for several great weekends (Oxford is a fun place to visit) to learn about these special dogs and how they interact with their owners.

Mike kept asking me "what do I want?" Well the best I could describe that is by letting him know how and what I hunt. Much of my upland hunting is in CPR and cornfields for pheasants. I wanted a dog that hunted close, either at heal or quartering, a dog that would sit on the flush and shot and was steady at all times. A dog that could pick out the difference between the looseness associated with quartering while hunting or semi-loose hunting for a dead bird and yet disciplined enough to be sent on a line to a downed bird (either a blind or a mark). I also hunt doves and quail on the river bottom. My waterfowl hunting on the South Platte river is usually within a 30 to 50 yard distance. This is similar to the distances that pheasant hunting involves but blind manners are important, especially to my friends. After hunting, I wanted a great well mannered dog to be a good companion. After all, most hunters have a house dog for a good part of the year.

The basic handler's course was a major eye opener for me. It gave a lot of valuable information of how dogs think. This was packed with great advice on how to communicate with your dog. We learned several training exercises but the foundation of how to continue to work with your dog when you get him home was the most valuable lesson for me. Also there are basic grooming tips that I learned as well as preparing for emergencies that may arise in the field. Vic Barlow was a great asset to the course and his British sense of humor kept everyone in a great frame of mind.

Last year was Ben's first hunting season. I hunted with him at heel. As a young dog, he wanted to go, go, and go so most of the time he was tethered to a belt loop. Most of the time he was forced to observe and honor the other working dogs. On occasion, he would be rewarded and sent on a marked retrieve. I tried to send him for lost pheasants in thick CRP but he was hunting too much with his eyes and not at all with his nose. He also would not hold an area for finding a downed bird. He would have to learn this. For duck hunting he was accomplished at retrieving marks but again, not ready for blinds or lost birds. He was steady in the blind and did not whine. Ben had very good manners in the club house. He was place trained so that he could sit out of the way, without moving unless he was asked to. He has a great temperament and gets along well with other dogs. Other hunters complimented him on his impeccable manners. His first season was focused on hunting at heal and to learn patience by honoring other dogs in the field.

Ben was enrolled for advanced training (about 3 months) this spring. During his training, I also attended the Upland Academy hosted at Wildrose. The academy was phenomenal. The days were packed with actual field exercises that simulated real hunting situations. Also, Tom Knapp gave numerous practical shooting tips. Ben's advanced training made a tremendous difference in his performance and skill levels. He was able to "fill the gaps" that a first year dog isn't mature enough to carry out. Ben can now quarter, retrieve blinds when sent on a line, hold an area and use his nose for a dead bird and has significantly improved his healing position. Mike also improved his duck hunting skills to the point that he will line better, and even switch which duck he is retrieving in the water (if you command him). Ben is capable of retrieving multiple ducks.

I can't wait to go hunting with Ben next Fall. In the meantime, I will enjoy reinforcing the training exercises I have learned. It is amazing how versatile Ben has become and I am proud to have a "Gentleman's Gun Dog". He is the dog I have always wanted.

The total experience has been fun, challenging and rewarding. I would also like to thank the great staff (especially Jeremy and Lynette) who also helped with the training sessions, seminars and academies. But special thanks go to Mike and Cathy that make Wildrose a special place.

Mark Thurber
Sedalia, CO

We picked up a 6 wk. old puppy from Wildrose in September, a male, and his name is Tater. Whiskey was the sire. I've had a few yellow labs from the King Ranch and a yellow lab out of some excellent dogs up in Nebraska. There is no comparison. This little pup is exceptionally smart and a joy to work with. He learns very quickly and absolutely loves to retrieve. He's very bold and confident and doesn't hesitate to charge into the water or thick brush after a dummy. And he proudly sprints back to me every time. We keep him in the house along with a 5 yr. female black lab. They both lie on their beds in our den at night while we watch television. His demeanor around the house is quite calm (for an 8 mo old lab) and he never barks.

I've been around lots of labs over the years and in my opinion, these are some of the best labs in the world. I really like Mike Stewart's training methods and the fact that he trains them for hunting not field trials and there is a huge difference.

Stuart Tucker
Austin, Texas

Our Wildrose Ray is the absolute most we ever could have expected. We've watched a lot of retrievers hunt and compete in Hunting Retriever Club tests in the last 10 years so we knew what type of dog we wanted and also, more important, what type of dog we didn't want. Wildrose UK Labs had the dog of our dreams. After talking with Mike, he suggested several breedings that would be suitable for our needs. We decided on a Whiskey/Sweep pup born in April of 2006, made the trip from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to Oxford, Mississippi and as soon as we drove in the driveway we knew we made the right choice. Wildrose is truly a 1st class operation, everyone is professional, helpful, and most of all, very friendly.

We trained Wildrose Ray the Wildrose Way...when in Rome. He is very intelligent and we found with this style of early training we could advance him faster than we thought possible. He is a dream to work with. We are enjoying the journey.

Ray earned his H.R. Seasoned title before he was 13 months old, HRCH Finished title before he was 18 months. We were very pleased with his 1st hunt testing year, but his 1st hunting season was STELLAR! Hunting out of a skiff, standing in cattails or a platform, and mostly in his Mutt Hut field hunting with mallards and geese in our face. He sure is a remarkable "puppy": 53 ducks, 15 geese, and 4 muskrats to his credit, and not once did he break. We think we'll keep him. Did we mention he is also very handsome and a big cuddlehead, and like his sire Whiskey, extremely loyal and fast.

Thank you Mike and Cathy!

Dana and Linda Williams
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

I wanted you to know that I enjoyed your seminar. I thought your forum of teaching, showing, and then letting us practice was very helpful. It was different than other seminars that I have attended. Things that I really liked were your approach on the training cycle and the way you introduce and teach the puppies concepts through memory blinds. It makes a lot of sense. The puppies seem to really catch on and succeed.

I did watch part of your video this evening to get an idea of the rest of your training program. I was equally impressed. I am anxiously awaiting a puppy so I can try this out for myself. You all have to work on the puppy for me.

Thanks again!
Mark Tighe
Owasso, Oklahoma

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart,
I received a Kane x Belle pup (Knox) in January. My puppy is doing very well and is a beautiful dog. I really appreciated the training seminar before i received the pup and it was very helpful and informative. Your great reputation is well deserved and i get many great comments on the looks and behavior of my pup. My veterinarians (avid duck hunters) were very familiar with who Kane was and had even seen him on television. I have owned many labs but i can attest that only the British labs will retrieve and bring a bumper back to hand on the first retrieve and not run off with it, even at such a young age. It is very impressive, thanks for breeding such great dogs! I hope all is well in Mississippi.

Judd Lasater
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Thank you for your patience and training assistance with Wildrose Alexandra of Curlon (Lexie) (Whiskey & Patsey) and me during your Training the Wildrose Way seminar last month hosted by the Central Florida Flat Coated Retriever club. Lexie and I began immediately practicing as you suggested. Today Lexie passed her first UKC Hunt hosted by the North East Florida Hunting Retriever Club. She is also registered to participate in the Central Florida Flat Coated UKC Hunt Test next weekend and the Central Florida Flat Coated Retriever Club's AKC WC Test the following weekend. She could not have been ready for this weekend if we had not attended your seminar.

Thank you,
Gary and Lewie
Gary Jarrett
Jacksonville, Florida

Mike and Cathy,
Thank you for a wonderful day this past Friday. We so enjoyed ourselves and loved seeing your operation. I also fell in love with Whiskey. He is an amazing and beautiful dog that is so well behaved and loving. We had a great trip home with our new pup whom we call Nellie. She traveled very well and didn't have one accident on either me or in the kennel. Once we got her home she slept until 5 a.m. when she needed to "get 'r done". This little pup has not had one accident in her kennel. She is an absolute delight. She comes when we call her name, she follows us well, she has already been on a leash, and she climbs our steps to get into the laundry room. Can you tell that we are so pleased? In fact, I told Den that I want another Whiskey dog next May or June. So I may be bugging you to get some input. Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family.

Nancy Talley
St. Charles, Missouri

Hello Mr. Stewart,
I purchased your training DVD this past winter because I like the way you train your dogs. I subscribe to many of the same theories.

However, I was struggling with steadiness in my dog. Last summer we passed three morning series at the ACK Sr. Level, but went out each afternoon due to breaking!!!! I bought your video really hoping it was going to help me with my training for her to pass this year. Well, I am happy to say it has worked so far. She is steadier than I have ever seen her and yesterday we passed out first Sr. Test with flying colors.

I was really proud of that pooch!!! Her steadiness was unlike I have ever seen and her body language and confidence were a joy to watch.

Just wanted to extend a very sincere thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge for the benefit of the lab!!!!

Happy Training,
Keith Gay

Hey Mike and Cathy,
I wanted to send you guys a note to update you on my dog. His name is Duke and he is a pup from last Octobers delivery from Dazz and Orla. I wanted to again tell you guys thanks and that the Wildrose Dogs along with the Wildrose Way are everything that you guys tout them to be. Duke is now 9 months old and has greatly exceeded my expectations. Following your methods has produced a ROCK SOLID dog that any hunter would be proud to have. There has never been a day with him that I felt the need for an E-collar or to attempt to force fetch him. When he was about seven months old a friend had come to town and was asking how old my dog was. When I replied seven months, he proceeded to tell me that it was probably time to start force fetching him. I asked him why he thought that.

He told me that I needed to teach my dog to hold a bumper, duck, dove ext in his mouth and to release it on command and that without him being FF'd that I would have a hard time when he got older. I explained that for the week or two prior I had been using Mikes Dowel method vs FF. He asked me if it had worked, so I took him out back and showed him what one week of working on this had accomplished.

Needless to say the dog would hold anything I put in his mouth and deliver to hand the moment I gave him the "dead" command. My friend was dumbfounded. All that to say, there are times in life where you know that you really got what you paid for and then some. I feel that way about the dogs that come from Wildrose. You have a client for life in me now.

Stewart C. Robinson
Panama City Florida

We're doing very well. Thanks for your prompt response. I have another anecdote to share with your regarding my pup. We have a morning ritual we follow; it involves paying our morning visit to the "potty tree" and spending a little time saying "how you doing'?" and stuff like that. We then head down the driveway to the mailbox. I take the larger Lexington paper and Bailey jumps up and gets the local paper. Handling the newspaper with a gentle mouth, she then leads the way, prancing proudly, to the back door with her prize. She then yields the paper without struggle to the command "give".

One of the reasons I went with Wildrose was your enviable reputation concerning the "biddableness" of your pups. While visiting my Uncle and relaxing in the living room after Bailey had greeted the occupants she noticed the newspaper was lying on the floor in sections by my uncle's easy chair. Without having been asked and lord knows without instruction, Bailey walked over and picked up one section and brought it over to me and placed it in my hand. She then made three more successive trips and did the same thing. My aunt asked in amazement how long it took me to teach her that and I replied that that was all Bailey.

That puppy knew that she'd carried papers for me before and extrapolated that newspapers therefore belong to "Dad" and that I should have them. I've taught children who don't practice deductive logic as well.

Best regards,
Ed (and Bailey)

Mike and Cathy,
You DVD has been the reason for our success. She and I watch a section every night and she recognizes the whistle and Mike's voice.

Thank you

I just wanted to compliment you and your staff on your handling of the picking up of the puppies. Your facilities are first class and the puppy seminar was extremely helpful. My new pup is absolutely beautiful and was great on the long ride back to Tampa. My mother is already getting excited about her new Wildrose pup.

Thanks again for everything.

Todd Turner
Tampa, Florida

My pup Buckley from Hamish/Patsy (5/14/07 liter) is still too young for ducks, but he did his first retrieve of the morning newspaper before his seventh week and now brings in the paper every morning.

Dennis Heipt
Rancho Sante Fe, California

I wanted to let you know I've really enjoyed the DVD. I purchased another DVD the same time I got yours. Absolutely no comparison. Excellent DVD!!

My last three day hunt of the season in Arkansas yielded 64 Birds shot. Poppy picked up 47 with zero lost birds. I denied her 14 that were shot close to hunters etc. The weather averaged 28 degrees, and one day was in the pouring rain.

Poppy is the only dog anyone wanted to take as she is a pleasure to watch retrieve.
Thanks again,
Don King
Griffin, GA

Greetings from CT! Hope you and Mike are well. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the "Wildrose Experience". The entire weekend was a true pleasure. From the cabin to the muffins, staff and grounds I couldn't have enjoyed my stay more. Lucy is doing wonderfully. Growing like a weed as I am sure you can imagine. She is a real feisty girl, always on the go looking for something to get into. She is very athletic and is hunting bugs and flying objects of all varieties already. She is a treasure.
Scott Altrui
Farmington, CT

Took the Pup to the Vet today for her 7 wk shot, Darcy (The Pup) is in perfect health further more the Vet said she had never seen a Pup with all of the appropriate shots and health issues addressed coming from a Kennel/Breeder. She was imprested.

Her comment was the people you got this dog from not only Breed Dogs they obviously love dogs.

Thought you would be interested...
Bill Chapman
Corpus Christi, Texas

Dear Mike and Cathy,
The hunting season here in Colorado has just ended. I thought I'd update you on Raven (from the Bob and Bonnie II breeding two years ago). I followed your advise on not hunting him the first year,instead spent the time working on obedience the non retrieve, so this past Sept was his first hunting season. We started with friend and a dove hunt, there were at least 12 people and dogs, I hunted with a friend and his lab who was not steady at all. Raven on the other hand was 100% steady, watched doves shot or missed never taking a step until released. This happened with an unsteady dog 10 ft away.

This was the start of the season and it remained that way, we hunted ducks over decoys and jump shot ducks. He remained steady all the while.

I belong to Platte Valley Hunting Retriever club and every one is impressed by Raven's demeanor calmness at the line, yet has all the go you could ever want.

I couldn't ask for a better hunting and family dog.
Harry Christiansen

Sherry, Angus and I enjoyed seeing the both of you and all the other folks from Wildrose Kennels in Oshkosh. We had a wonderful time. We continue to be impressed with Wildrose Kennels and we are so proud that we own a Wildrose pup!

Unfortunately, the afternoon weather cut our day short - we were hoping to stay for the Wildrose presentation at 4:00. Mike, you have great presentation skills! Not only was your presentation educational for the dog handler/hunter - your presentation is entertaining for the dog lover too.

We receive alot of compliments on our pup. At his Petco "Puppy School" that we enrolled him in for socialization, when we are out walking him through the neighborhood or throughout the day in Oshkosh; we hear alot of "your dog is so well behaved" - "I wish my dog was that calm when he was a pup" and "what a good looking lab, his head isn't so narrow". Our answer is: "He's a Wildrose Kennels British Labrador".
David Hodges
Victoria, Minnesota

...He will stay on a 'sit' for a very long time, as you told me he would...I just didn't believe you...never saw a dog who would do that. He now goes with my wife, Maia, when she drops the kids off at school. They ride in a red convertible VW bug, and he sits in the front seat next to her...she says she gets way more comments about Flynn than she does about the car...not surprising, I guess. Now about Flynn's hunting abilities. Every year 2 buddies of mine and I host a large group of guys from our church on a camping trip on the Colorado River (about 75 miles up river from the Grand Canyon...only boat access, very secluded, just beautiful). While there we duck hunt and fly-fish the river. Mostly mallards, and rainbow trout. Well, Flynn went on the trip with us and was fantastic. He was very well behaved (tough to do with 38 guys, 5 boats, and a bunch of confusion). He retrieved his first Mallard for me...truly a beautiful sight. He was so well behaved, a buddy of mine is going to call you about getting in line for a lab for himself (more about that later). Here's what truly amazed me. When we first got there, my buddy and I were setting up camp before it got dark. I put Flynn on a sit, and went to work. Afterward, we made a fire, and got to work on dinner...after dinner (probably 2 hours by now), I asked my buddy where Flynn was...walked over near the tent, and there he was right by the tent...on that sit I gave him 2 hours prior. We couldn't believe it...
Flynn, Wildrose Finished Dog
Owner, Joe Auteri, Scottsdale, Arizona

Just thought I would give you an update on my chocolate pup, Remington (Bruce/Bliss litter 1/28/04). He is coming along nicely. At a little over six months he fully understands sit, stay, heel, and here. He also understands and obeys whistle commands. He is working trailing and circle memories out to one hundred yards and handling doubles on water. Although, it is not recommended at his age, yesterday and again this morning, he took hand signals for left, right, and back and was flawless in his execution. He is a splendid dog. This breeding definitely needs to be repeated.
Bill Gibson
West Point, MS

I really appreciate you and Mike being so available and open to all of my questions.

You all have a World Class Operation, Also you can be proud of your staff they were a reflection of the professional organization that you are.

Bill Chapman
Corpus Christi, Texas

Dear Sir,
Hi, my name is SFC Douglas Block, I am a member of the Missouri Army National Guard station over here in Iraq. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your web site, and your articles in Duck Unlimited Magazine. Drake reminds me of my two labs at home. The oldest one just had surgery on his knee. Well that's what the vet told my wife so she could understand what was going on. Your web site makes life here a little more like home. I'm looking forward to teaching them some of the tips I learn when I get back home.

Once again I just wanted to say thanks for things that you do. You may not know it, but you make life here a little better.

Douglas Block
Cape Girardeau, MO
Station in Iraq

"Dear Mike and Cathy: Thank you so much for our new pup. Champ is doing well and is elated he will have a sister living close by. With so many Wildrose Dogs in Georgia that I know of, we will have to have our own field trial. Mike can be the judge. Margaret and Alex are really excited with the puppy. I think Alex wore his Wildrose T-Shirt for 48 hours straight. I am always inspired when we leave (your kennel). I think all new puppy owners had a great time and left with a warm and fuzzy experience that will translate into more sales and "brand awareness" for your dogs. Again, thank you for taking care of us and we will be in touch."
Gene,Peggy, Alex and Margaret

"Hello, Mr Stewart. Congratulations for your excellent work and USA team wins Irish International, A chapter in gundog competition. You are well know in Mexico and particularly in San Luis Potosí-Mexico."
Sincerely, Juan José Alfaro Mendoza

"Torey did not just pass her hunt test on Sat at the Lonestar HRC Hunt Test. She blew through it with grace and elegance. Torey was running a Seasoned Test. In the water series, she steps on all the marks and then lines the blind. During the land series she repeats her performance except for two whistles on the blind. Had my depth perception been better it would have been one whistle on the blind. After she completed the test both judges got out of their seats and made compliments about her work and her style. Also, that evening at the ribbon ceremony another Wildrose dog was announced as having passed the seasoned test." Wildrose pup
John Fetner, Forney, Texas

"Mike, I remember you saying a great dog can make a novice dog trainer look good. Our female puppy from Angus is doing outstanding. My friends and neighbors marvel at her obedience and calmness for a 5 month old puppy. From the day we brought her home she has responded to the whistle ( are you blowing the whistle at them while they are still in the mother's womb?)and within a couple of weeks she had mastered most of the basics in obedience. We are now just starting some basic retrieve exercises and so far it has gone extremely well. Myself and my family thank you for your careful breeding selection and look forward to many years of fun and hunting with our lab."
Wildrose Pup
Ashley Wyatt, Knoxville, Tennessee

"Dear Mike and Cathy:
I wanted to write you to let you know how wonderful our puppy by Baron and Tella is!!!! I really could not ask for a nicer dog. He is incredibly smart and has been the best companion I could have asked for. Oh, and by the way, he is Don's (husband) best friend!! He and Don look forward to greeting each other each evening for a round of retrieving. He travels with us every where we go from daily errands to 15 hour rides to Tallahassee, FL. He also sleeps on the foot of my bed each night. He has matured to a beautiful 1 year old and he receives compliments everywhere we go. I am quick and proud to tell them that he came from Wildrose Kennels. I will forward a picture of him as soon as I figure out how to email it. I am so proud of him and love him with all that I have. Thanks so much for such a wonderful friend!!!"
Wildrose Pup
Fran Lyles
Warrenton, VA

"Mike & Cathy, Thank you for all your help on pup pickup day last Sunday. The session on the do's & don'ts was especially helpful. I've read Vic & Robert's books and the training newsletters but it was great for our whole family to hear it firsthand as well! We were very happy and surprised with the extras that were given along with our pup! "Abbie" is adapting well and the housebreaking and crate training is going wonderful. She is very responsive and is getting a start on the basics. Thank you once again. I am very pleased with the total first class service and advise Wildrose has to offer."
Gary Purdy

"Mr. Stewart, I was writing to let you know about the pup we received from you. He is growing well and doing very good. I just want to let you know how much I believe in how ya'll train. I have another lab that is 11 months old now and I didn't start out training her that way. I started hunting her last season and she did pretty good. But after the season was over I made it my goal to retrain her like the way ya'll do and it has paid off greatly. In the past 4 months or so all I did with her is obedience and now I can throw 4 bumpers out and handle her to each one. I really do thank you a lot for the information on training a fine gundog. I think the 2 dogs I have now are really going to please me a lot."
Josh Fulgham (Tommy x Carol pup)
Brownsboro, TX

"Thank you so much for the warm hospitality that we recieved upon our arrival on Friday. We are so impressed with the two of you, your faculty and Wildrose Kennels. The whole experience has been such a pleasure. And we look forward to working with you in the future. Our pup is doing great."
David Hodges (2004 Angus x Bonnie II pup)
Victoria, MN

"Mike, once again the whole family loves every minute we've been given with Cindy's Secret. She far exceeds any and every expectation I had for her. Thank you!" John Bailey (Wildrose finished dog)
Parkersburg, West Virginia

"I just wanted to let you know that Bailey 2 our chocolate lab born at Wildrose 1/28/04 is absolutely the best behaved and best looking dog I have ever seen. She is a natural in the field also..already gun trained and does most of the required field work naturally..I don't know if there is a better all around chocolate in the country.... thanks again for a great dog."
Ed and Betty O'Connor (Wildrose chocolate pup) Oakland, NJ

"What an excellent dog! At one and a half, he really began to put it together this hunting season. The pheasant in the picture were shot along the Madison River under tough conditions in thick cover. I have hunted there for three years over other dogs without killing a single rooster. Despite some frustrating hunts, Jed never gave up. He'd come home with barbed wire cuts and the fur rubbed raw on his muzzle from pushing into thick thorns and brush. He continues to learn to use his exceptional nose to root out birds in deep cover."
Rob Seas (Wildrose pup)
Belgrade, Montana

"Dear Mr. Mike, Champ is the best dog. He is very obedient and is an extraordinary retriever. He will be a very good bird dog. Champ is very sweet and is very calm. I love his coat color. It is very pretty. He will be a good companion on hunting trips. He is the best dog. I really love my Wildrose bird dog." Sincerely,
Alex Kelly, Age 11
Athens, Georgia
Champ - Wildrose pup at 5 months

"Roxie continues to be very steady and is tracking the gu and marking downed birds very well. In fact, she failed to mark only 1 of 15 birds. Season totals so far: 4 hunts, 38 birds, none lost."
Greg Ray - (Roxie, pup and training by Wildrose)
Tupelo, MS

Keegan, A pup trained by Wildrose Peter Merzian, St. Louis, Missouri
"Dear Mike, Words cannot explain how happy I am with, Keegan, the most outstanding hunting companion I have ever seen. At 13 months old he has outshined seasoned retrievers. My fellow duck club members are amazed at Keegan's abilities. Their jaws drop when they see how obedient he is. His greatest accomplishment so far is that he ran a blind with only one cast. It is through your training program that Keegan has achieved his outstanding capabilities. Both Keegan and I have received many compliments and I dedicate all of them to you. You have given me the hunting companion of a lifetime."
My sincere thanks,
Peter C. Merzian
St. Louis, MO

"Mike, Hello. I continue to be amazed at the tremendous growth of Wildrose-- the events, activities and endorsements that come your way. Congratulations on all the success! Paddy is hunting upland game very well as he just turn one year old. He quarters very well, listens to me and looks to me every twenty five yards or so to see what I want him to do. He hunts well with his nose, eyes and ears. I have really been impressed with him. Now if I could only shoot we could see how he retrieves. He has mellowed around the house just in the last month or so and is a real pleasure to be around. He is the best $1,000 I have ever spent. Continued success and Happy Holidays to you and Cathy." Bob Kerner, Parker, Colorado

"Mike - Went duck hunting yesterday. Welly had to do all the work. She did great! What a dog. You ought to be awfully proud of your training skills. Your dogs are definitely a cut, many cuts above the rest. We are so happy to have her!"
Pup and training by Wildrose
John Catmur, Memphis, Tennessee

"Cathy, thanks a lot for your time and the effort that you and Mike have spent in assisting us with "Mole" and "Nebby." We could not have asked for any better service or better dogs. "Mole" is doing great and we have begun hunting pheasants since duck season is over. In the past few weeks "Mole" has retrieved several pheasants, one of which he pointed and held on." Mole, Wildrose started dog Nebby, Wildrose puppy Chris Graves, Dexter, Missouri

"Charlie was the hit of the South Dakota prairies as he flushed and retrieved some 35 pheasant in the snow. He actually caught 4 live pheasant that were huddled under the snow; we released three hens to safety and kept the cock. Thanks again for your superb training and counsel (for Charlie and me)." Charlie, Wildrose finished dog Charles Reynolds, Memphis, Tennessee

"Shot has made several stand-out retrieves so far…. one just this weekend where we had 2 Canada's sail into an adjacent grain field, one of which was 300 yards out and walking in the field. Shot ran him down at about 450 yards and caught him 3 feet off the ground (almost in flight) and tackled him in a cloud of dust. My #1 guy! Best all-around dog I've ever had the pleasure of hunting with. Wouldn't take $20k for him. He'll be mine until the end." Shot, Wildrose started dog Greg Haygood, Wichita, Kansas

"We had an excellent time in South Dakota. Toby performed beyond my expectation. I believe he is well on his way to becoming a fine hunting companion. Toby made about 20 retrieves, nosed up countless birds, found about 6 birds we would have lost without him and caught 1 hen which we released. Everyone, including the outfitter, was amazed with his performance." Toby, Pup and Training by Wildrose Chuck Delaney, Florida

"Thanks for the time and tour of your beautiful place this afternoon. Between taking the dogs out for quick workout, to seeing the pups and taking a ride around the property, I thoroughly enjoyed my time visiting Wildrose. I cannot wait to get my hands on a pup and begin training the Wildrose way. You truly have a special place there and the way you are keeping it true to the original intent of breeding gentleman's gundogs makes your kennels a special place. I appreciate your dedication to the idea of keeping these labs true to their heritage and look forward to getting my own pup to continue that tradition. It is nice to meet someone who is more committed to the principles they are pursuing rather than profit margin." Wayne Coleman, Memphis, Tennessee

"Now for my recommendation and I'm sure you have given this some thought-"Mike Stewart's Gun Dog Training video." Believe me, after viewing every other video, your knowledge and approach to this work would be a breath of fresh air. I know there are many good books out there on the subject but actually watching a person with your skills adds much more value to the learning process… just a thought." Brian Eisenacher, Trappe, Maryland

"Barry and I had a great time at the seminars. Your place looks better every time-it is more impressive every time I see it! The dogs are fantastic! Your hard work and love for the game shines through. Well Done! You produce some incredible animals. I truly thank you for letting me have Hank!" Hank, Pup and Training by Wildrose Dale Donaldson, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"All the dogs except Sir Jacob of Wildrose hunted short because they marked the bird on the horizon at the rise. Frank and Jake blew right through the spot the other dogs stopped to hunt and made a successful retrieve because of your training methods." Jake, Wildrose Puppy Frank Sears, Forest Park, Ohio

"She runs every day with the ATV at 23-25 km/hr for approximately 2 miles and still weighs 82 lbs. She's swimming in the ice just for the fun of it. I remember when she was just a pup you commented that she was a tough dog going through, not around, anything. Every day that is more evident as she swims through, not around, all sorts of beaver sticks and ice chunks around her head looking for the birds." Wildrose Puppy Tim Bast, Mapleton, Alberta, Canada

"Rolly is doing well. He has free run of the house when we leave and is just fine. He has become such a great member of our family. He comes in the car with us for family trips, to the office with me in the evening, he loves our infant son and our 5-year old daughter. We sure enjoy him and don't know what we would do without him. Thanks for your hard work with him." Rolly, Wildrose started dog Carole Touchinski, Marquette, Michigan

Roxie is everything that Wildrose pups are advertised to be in terms of demeanor, intelligence conformation, etc. She also seems to have inherited a lot of Commanche's spirit & high energy level on retrieves. Needless to say, we are more than satisfied with our pup. Roxie, Wildrose Puppy Greg Ray, Tupelo, Mississippi

"We just finished some duck hunting in corn fields. Tyler did wonderful. He lays in the coffin blind with me when its time to shoot we both sit up together I shoot and he watches no breaking even with him right next to me when I shoot. You should see him watch the birds flying before I open the blind." Tyler, Wildrose Puppy Greg Christiansen, Whitewater, Wisconsin

I was writing to let you know how absolutely thrilled I am with the dog I bought from you. I have dove hunted a couple times with Moss and am finishing up early teal season. To say I am pleased is an understatement. The drive and style of this dog is absolutely amazing. He is absolutely steady to shot and perfectly mannered. I have been spending about 15 minutes a day with him 6 days a week to keep him tuned up. He is exactly what I was wanting and have had zero problems with at all either hunting or working in the yard. Please feel FREE to use my name as a reference to any future clients. Moss, Finished dog by Wildrose, owner-Judd Walker of Minden, Louisiana

"I just wanted to give you an update on "Rio" my female from the Commanche/Tara litter that we picked up on March 2nd. She is 5 1/2 months old and she is just about completely obedience trained. We are working on off leash work now and she just loves it. We have a lot of steadying work to do but she is way beyond any expectations I had. She is such a fast learner, I only have to show her things a couple of times and she has it. We have done some limited dummy work but she is steady as a rock already. I know that she is young for all of the obedience work but she loves to do it and I correct her very little. I just wanted to let you know I couldn't have made a better choice in a pup or breeder!!!"
Scott Hamilton, Monticello, Minnesota

"We had a wonderful day at Wildrose touring your facilities, getting the opportunity to meet you both and getting our great pup. I can not think of any purchase that I have ever made that was more enjoyable and satisfying. If you ever want to sell shares of Wildrose, I would love to be an investor!" Bob Kerner, Parker, Colorado

"I have been enjoying your website and have subscribed to your email newsletter. Wonderful site! I'm still finding more of interest. I was impressed by your operation and training methods and very much want to visit again to do a Field and Stream column about you and Wildrose Kennels and British dogs. …Thanks for a very interesting visit. I look forward to working on a column with you in the near future."
Jerome Robinson, Gundog Editor, Field and Stream and author of Training the Hunting Retriever & Ultimate Guide to Bird Dog Training.

"Charlie made a 300-yard+ perfect retrieve with no handling on my last duck hunt of the season. I would guess he retrieved 350-400 ducks in a variety of conditions. He is hard as a rock."
Charlie, Finished Lab by Wildrose, Steve Reynolds, Secretary, DU Board of Directors, Memphis, Tennessee, 2002

"She brings in the ducks without messing a feather. She runs every day with the ATV at 23-25 km/hr for approximately 2 miles and still weighs 82 lb. She's swimming in the ice just for the fun of it! She swims thru, not around, all sorts of beaver sticks and ice chunks around her head looking for the birds.
Maggie, Wildrose started dog, Tim Bast, Mapleton, Alberta, Canada, 2001

"Enclosed is a picture of Wildrose Roscoe at eight months old with pheasants and chukars. He pointed one of the pheasants and one of the chukars. My friend and I shot nine birds that day and Roscoe retrieved every one. He has the makings of a great dog!"
Roscoe, Wildrose pup, Tony Crowell, Amory, Mississippi, 2002

"The difference in your breeding was evident as soon as the door to the truck was opened… We shot one pintail in the group. Lige again did not move when the pit flew open and shots were fired and the drake fell. The American lab almost broke her neck because she immediately broke for the fallen duck. The owner had to pull her back in the pit dog box. Lige is steady as a rock waiting on my command."
Lige, Wildrose pup and training, Gary Hill, Columbia, Missouri, 2002

"Bracken has been great. 47 wild bird retrieves this year (176 ducks and 30 upland) and not a single lost bird." Bracken, Finished Lab by Wildrose, Larry Smith, Kingwood, Texas, 2002

"…we were impressed by your hospitality. Tom and I were amazed at how well your male labs handled. We can only imagine what they could do if we had more time to observe in daylight and you really had time to put them through their paces. I am impressed by the direction you are heading with your whole breeding program. The time we spent visiting your kennels was a high point of our trip to Mississippi."
Ken Constantine, Ducks Unlimited Regional Director, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2002

"Lige passed the Seasoned Level test on his first and only try. They could not believe that he was only 11 months old."
Lige, Wildrose pup and training, Gary Hill, Columbia, Missouri, 2002

"We limited out on redheads and buffleheads on Saturday, and Amber made 20 perfect retrieves. Several of the ducks drifted long in the bay current, and he handled beautifully for me on all of them."
Amber, Finished Lab by Wildrose, Steve Sermonet, Brentwood, Tennessee, 2002

"Meg picked up 16 teal in the two days and delivered all but three to hand. I thought she did great considering she had never had a duck in her mouth before the hunt. She had been exposed to gunfire and she is following the gun to see where the action is very well. She seemed to really enjoy the whole deal."
Meg, 7-month old pup by Wildrose, Jack Montgomery, Richmond, Texas

"We hunted a nasty swamp yesterday with lots of snags and blow downs and she was great. We had ducks landing within 20 feet of us and she never budged. She had to climb over and through stuff that a beaver would have trouble with and handled flawlessly. Today we went to a slough with much less to bother her which I think she appreciated a lot. Again no leash and she never showed any signs of breaking. She retrieved a total of 20 ducks and brought every one to hand like a champ! My friends are very impressed to say the least!"
Belle, Started female by Wildrose, Russ Feller, Coldwater, Michigan, 2001

"Mike, it has been a week now and your new pup is doing great. He has been an absolute joy and I can not believe the different between him and the American labs. This is my fifth lab and our first British dog and I will never have another American lab."
Wildrose Commanche pup, Drew and Debbie Juden, Sikeston, Missouri

"Milo is really quite a puppy. He is by far the most unique lab I have ever owned. You can "see" the intelligence in his looks and actions. He is very alert and almost seems to "study" what is going on around him. His every concern seems to be on doing what I want him to do! It is quite amazing."
Milo, Wildrose pup, Chal Curtis, Bigelow, Arkansas, 2002

"Tess has been a wonderful addition to our family and gets along well with our other labs. In the field she is quiet and perfectly steady to wing and shot. She has made several hunting retrieves and delivers the birds to hand nicely. In the boat and the duck blind her manners are perfect."
Tess, Wildrose Started Dog, Jackson Salvant, Mechanicsville, Virginia, 2002

"We caught the geese pretty well this morning. Four of us took our five bird limits. Meg had her best day since I've had her. Made one nice retrieve of a live goose and three other retrieves total. She was steady and quiet, yet quite enthusiastic."
Meg, Wildrose started female, Rick Rowe, Forest, Virginia

"Tyler is making progress that I never thought a five-month old would be doing. On his first duck hunt, he sat calm and attentive all morning watching the skies with no luck, but I did manage to shoot him a goose which fell 10 yards from us. I sent him and he dragged it back to my feet. I am very impressed with your bloodlines. The money I spent for my new partner was well worth it. I have a friend with a one-year old lab that won't do half of what Tyler does."
Tyler, 5 month old Wildrose pup, Greg Christensen, Whitewater, Wisconsin

"Progress is fast. He comes reliably to 4 or 5 whistle peeps as well as to his name. I let him chase a small ball the other day. When I released him, he took off after it, tackled it and then brought it back to me. I held out my hand and he dropped the ball right in my hand. All in all Bo is a great addition to the family"
Bo, 2-month old Wildrose puppy, Jay Whitlock, Pine Bluff, Arkansas

"Venty was the talk of the field, he was the best dog on the field. He honored the other dogs. He conducted himself like a veteran gun dog; following Luke's commands to the letter.
Venty, Started Dog
Luke Odom, Eatonton, Georgia

Jet was great in the field over the weekend. She marked every bird that dropped, but never moved an inch till I sent her. I received more compliments on her calmness amd steadiness than I could believe. You made believers out of a bunch of people who know good gun dogs. I think in the coming months you will see your phone ring a bit more from the NC boys that watched her work.
Jet, started bitch
Ed Durham, Huntersville, North Carolina

"Sheba distinguished herself on those hunts.....She made a couple of spectacular cripple duck retrieves that were a real treat.....Then it (mallard duck) popped up and the next time it went down she was right on its tail and went down with it. She came up with the duck in her mouth like a breaching whale. It was special."
Sheba, 8-month old Wildrose puppy
Jim Knox, Little Rock, Arkansas

"She actually walked on ice and used her nose to find a duck yesterday."
Callie, 10-month old Wildrose pup, training by Wildrose Kennel
Lawrence Kesee, Memphis, Tennessee

".....we are very pleased with Spur and especially you for taking the time and genuine care to show and teach me what I need to do with him."
Spur, 11-month old Wildrose puppy, training by Wildrose Kennel
Keith Bollendorf , Walnut, Mississippi

"Her obedience is terrific! I shot a duck as far as a gun can reach in a high wind. I was saying 'watch' as the ducks were coming over. I didn't hit it well and the wind blew it as it fell. She watched it all the way down so I had to send her. She went 200 yards and brought me the drake widgeon to hand."
Magic, 11-month old Wildrose puppy, training by Wildrose Kennel
Lee Walt, Dumas, Arkansas

"This was my first hunt with Jill. Just had her one day and took her hunting. She did great on marked retrieves and had two 70 yard retrieves for crippled ducks......Jill was steady in the pit while we were shooting and did not break once in my first week of hunting Jill. After the hunt Jill was a pleasure indoors as well. Calm and friendly, it is a pleasure owning this British Lab from Wildrose Kennels."
Jill, 20 mo. Started dog by Wildrose Kennels
Larry Stinson, Tavares, Florida

"You were very generous with your time and I really appreciate it. I have worked with two different trainers with two other labs before and I didn't begin to see the progress you are making. I have his funny feeling that they did not do the daily drill and reinforcement that you are doing with Kip-what a difference!"
Kip, training by Wildrose Kennel
Bill Purcell, Memphis, Tennessee

Mike, Captain really enjoys hunting! He performs exceptionally well on retrieves through rough terrain and water. Captain, 10 mo. Started dog by Wildrose, Rhett Murry, Huntsville, Alabama "......hunted snipe Tuesday and Saturday, aggressive limits both day. Sami did well.... had five birds down scattered in a dry, grassy area. Sami found them all...Still better than any of the other dogs." Sami, finished dog from Wildrose Kennel
Henry Tanner, Houston, Texas

"The best part was that Holly wsa steady in the boat. She made some retrieves on some cripples that would have been lost as there was no way to get to them in the muck.....She learned/demonstrated was the ability to get downwind and use her nose. She also responded well to hand signals to get to some cripples behind the blind. She impressed several people in the blind."
Holly, 13 mo. Puppy and Training by Wildrose.
Don McKnight, Jackson TN.

"I wouldn't take two million dollars for this dog."
Ben, finished dog by Wildrose Kennel
Mark McGonagill, Abbeville, Mississippi

"Maverick is the perfect gentleman. He does whatever I ask and is a wonderful companion."
Maverick, started dog from Wildrose Kennel
Betty Newlon, Tucson, Arizona

"Belle is truly a part of the family-does well in the house. My friends all marvel at her control and obedience. She retrieved her first wild ducks last Saturday with great enthusiasm. We had 4 on the water and I went out with her a little way then sent her and she had no problems and behaved very mannerly."
Belle, started dog from Wildrose
Kennel Russ Feller, Coldwater, Michigan

"Xena is coming along very quickly! She loves the water and is retrieving already. She knows her basic commands and then some. She is very steady when I tell her to stay and won't budge. She is all that you said....;.I'm impressed!"
Xena, 5-month old Wildrose puppy
Tim Soucy, Madison, Maine

"Abe is all business....."
Abe, training by Wildrose Kennel
Mike Martin, Madison, Mississippi

"I have never seen a lab like him. He has a regal stature and impeccable manners-totally focused in the blind, and quiet in the house. My wife loves him."
Jet, finished dog by Wildrose Kennel
Bill Gibson, Tupelo, Mississippi

"she always hears the birds (geese) coming before we do. We just sit in the blind and watch her."
Bailey, 10 month old Wildrose puppy, training by Wildrose Kennel
Troy Consbruck, Garden City, Kansas

"I was chasing a cripple today wishing I had a dog and your name came to mind."
Client with Wildrose pup on order
Greg James, Newport, Arkansas

"Chloe is great, hunted her in Iowa last weekend on some upland birds. Not much action, she made a great retreieve off heel on a pointed bobwhite from another dog. Showing excellent obedience out in the field."
Chloe, 10-month old Wildrose pup, training by Wildrose Kennel
Dave Burris, Tuscon, Arizona