Wildrose Kennels Liberated Bird Shoot

The Wildrose training facility is licensed by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks as a liberated bird shooting site for purposes of gundog training. Clients are afforded the opportunity to handle their retrievers in training in a natural hunting environment on a variety of birds including pigeon, mallard, chukar, quail and pheasant. The shoots utilize flight-conditioned birds liberated on the facility's 141-acre training ground.

All retrievers participating in the basic retriever course are simultaneously trained on both upland game and waterfowl. Wildrose shoots are designed to allow clients the challenging experience of wing shooting accompanied by their retrievers' on natural terrain which includes plowed lanes, grass fields, woodlands and water sources.

This unique service is offered as part of the Wildrose participatory training experience to ensure clients are comfortable with handling their retriever in actual hunting situations prior to the completion of the training process.

The wing shoots are also utilized to ensure that all sires and dams stay on birds throughout the year. We insist upon all brood stock being fully trained and shot over each season. Our liberated bird shoots make this goal possible. Our wing shoots are another demonstrated value-added service offered by Wildrose.

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