Wildrose Hunting Gallery

Wildrose Dixie (Kane x Dot)
Owner Adam Van Sant, Lewisburg, TX

General Patton (Wigeon and Delilah) Owner: Matt McGee, Georgia

Teal (Hamish x Vixen) - hunting hard at 10 years old

Owner: Michael Graeff, Canton, OH

Wildrose Murphy (FTCh Rusty x Rusty)
Owner: Travis Buckner, St. Louis, MO

Wildrose Spur (FTCh Luke x Dolly) training the Wildrose Way hunting quail at George Hi Plantation, NC Owner: Holden DuBose, Clinton, NC

Wildrose Kane (FTW Bob x Brooke)
Owner: Blake Gray, Tulsa, OK

Wildrose June (Kye x Ezri), trained the Wildrose Way
Owner: Bill Ball, Austin, TX

They Are More Numerous Than the Locust.

Aspen (Bob x Tess) Owner: Jason Hinnenkamp Clearwater, MN

Wildrose Gundogs hunting ducks, Western Oklahoma

Host Wade Bourne, Mike and Deke hunting with DU TV in Eastern Missouri

Wildrose Ben (finished gundog)
Owner: Stephen Reynolds, Memphis, TN

Birdie (Tammy x Kane) and Duncan (Molly x Kane). Black River, AR
Owner: Andrew Trott, Memphis, TN

Wildrose Gus (Hamish x Red)
Owner: Laramy Aultman
Columbia, MS

Wildrose Pride Mojo (Tommy x Piper) Owner: Doug Talley, Lisbon, MD

Wildrose Dixie
Owner: Lou Breitegger, Red Bluff, CA

Wildrose Booch (Kane x Sweep)
Owner: Mark Duddenhoffer, Kansas City
Pictured with Jack Duddenhoffer on DU TV, "World of Ducks"

Wildrose Jake (Baron x Patsy) Owner: Dale Huval, Breaux Bridge, LA

Wildrose Sonny (Angus x Tess II) Owner: Tom Hedrick, Houston, Texas

Deke hunting from the famed Nash Buckingham's duck blind at Beaver Dam, MS.

Wildrose Deke, the DU mascot, closing the 2010-11 duck season in the Mississippi Delta.

HRCh Wildrose Tango (Whiskey x Sweep)
Owner: Ken Fehlig, Chesterfield, MO

Wildrose Soco (Bob x Skippy)
Owner: Tim Niles, Fenton, MI

Wildrose Trigger (Kane x Beretta)
Owner: Bob Lesperence, West Davenport, NY

Wildrose Trigger (Kane x Beretta)
Owner: Bob Lesperence, Sidney, NY

Wildrose Jack (Baron and Patsy)
Owner: Dale Huval, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Hunting franklins in Molokai, Hawaii
with Wildrose labs, Sparky and Cleo,
English pointers and a Wildrose GSP, Missy

HRCH UH Wildrose Ray Sommer Inspiration, Master Hunter (Whiskey x Sweep) Owner: Dana Williams, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Hunting pheasants over Wildrose labs, Whiskey, Kane and Gaja, Calgary, Alberta

Grouse hunting above Sante Fe, New Mexico Senior Editor, OUTSIDE Magazine, Grayson Schaffer, Wildrose Danger and Wildrose Deke

Wildrose Pete (Hamish x Sage) Owner: Bob Atkins, Madison, Mississippi

Wildrose Parker (Tommy x Meg) Owner: Randy/Allison Patrolia Hattiesburg, MS

Wildrose Lola (Hamish x Sage) Owner: Andy Kilpatrick, Memphis, TN

Wildrose Finished Dog Brock Owner: DJ Monteilh, Port Aruther, Texas

Wildrose Belle (Whiskey x Gus) Owner: Doug Cruickshanks, Nashville, TN

Wildrose Rebel (Kane x Hazel) Owner: Jeff Buckner, St. Louis, MO

Wildrose Trigger (Kane x Beretta) Owner: Bob Lesperence, North Davenport, NY

Wildrose Babe, Daz x Lady Owners: Shelley & Chris Leigh, Montrose, AL

Tango (Whiskey x Sweep) Owner: Ken Fehlig
Chesterfield, Missouri

Wildrose Libby (Bob x Kela) Owner: Dick Sheldon, Beulah, ND

Wildrose Ginger (Bruce x Guinness) Owner: Darrin Lutz, Waxhaw, NC

Wildrose Angus (Kane x Sweep) John Bukowski, Shelley, Idaho

Wildrose Rusty, (Whiskey x Cedar) Owner: Paul Watts, Clarksdale, MS

Wildrose Lola (Hamish x Sage), 44 lbs. Pup and training by Wildrose Lola's first goose at 14 months Owner: Andy Kilpatrick, Memphis, TN

Wildrose Barley Owner: Bruce Deadman, Denmark, WI

Wildrose Booch with owner Mark Dudenhoeffer, Kansas City, Missouri

Hunting Franklin on the Kualapu'u Ranch Moloka'i, Hawaii. Pictured are Wildrose finished dogs Sparky, Clio, and Missy.

Wildrose Cooper (Kane x Hazel) Owner, Darren Doyle of Freeman, Missouri

Hunting pheasant at Spruce Creek Upland Hunting Club Alberta, Canada, just outside Calgary Pictured are George Gosbee with Gaia (Started dog), Whiskey and Kane

Beau Luckenbach with Wildrose Ranger (Kane x Tammy) Franklinville, NC

Owner, Steve Reynolds and Charlie, a Wildrose Finished dog tracks and retrieves a wounded turkey. (Read Full Story)

Wildrose Cinnamon Teal (Hamish x Vixen) Owner: Mike Graeff, Canton, Ohio

Wildrose Geronimo Boo (Commanche x Eider)
Owners: The Conkles, Pensacola, FL

Wildrose Lily (Bruce x Bliss)
Owner: Dick Ellerston, Gardner, KS

Wildrose Zach (Bob x Allie)
Owner: Chip Laughton, Zirconia, NC

Wildrose Angus (Bob x Bonnie II)
Owners: Allen and Carey Brown, Atoka, TN

Wildrose Bess (Bruce x Bliss)
Owner: Gray Laird, Madison, MS

Wildrose JT (Bob x Kela)
Owner: Dick Jordan, Beulah, ND

Wildrose Deke of Harmony (Tommy x Susie)
Owner: Chris Allen, Clarksville, AR

Wildrose Izzy (Daz x Lady)
Owner: Paul Shelton, Grover, MO

Wildrose Tess (Whiskey x Eider) Owner: David Haubein, Lockwood, Missouri

Wildrose Daisy (Hamish x Bailey)
With owner Cora Causey, Birmingham, AL

Wildrose Abel (Whiskey x Abby)
Owner: Brian Buchanan, Pocatello, Idaho

Wildrose Dixie with Owner Billy Dixon
Ridgeland, Mississippi

Wildrose Lucy, (Bob x Kela), Wildrose Jack (Whiskey x Raven)
Owner: Jeff Ramsey, Sidney, Nebraska

Wildrose Lexie, TD
Owner, Gary Jarrett, Florida

Wildrose Lucy, (Bob x Kela), flushing prairie check in Nebraska
Owner: Thomas Sonderegger Lincoln, NE

Wildrose Indy (Whiskey x Orla) hunting the frozen Green River Owner: Nate Maughn, Mona, Utah

Wildrose Moose (Angus x Astra)Temp- 3 below Owner: Brett Harris, Spanish Fork, Utah

Wildrose Mojo (Tommy x Piper)
Owner: Doug Talley, Lisbon, MD

Opening day doves, Mississippi Delta L to r - FTAW Ben, Wildrose Penny (Deke's sister) and Drake, the DU dog

Wildrose Gunner Owner: Jason Adams, Fort Bragg, NC

FTW Ghillie (littermate to FTCh Kane)
Owner: Bill Behnke, Anchorage, Alaska

Wildrose Birdie, Owner: Andrew Trott, Memphis, TN

Austin with Nero (Wildrose finished dog)
Bossier City, Louisiana

Wildrose Magic
Owner: Mark Addington
Olathe, Kansas

Wildrose Franklin
Owners: Raleigh and Becki Lane
Nashville, Tennessee

Wildrose Rudy
Owner: John Bentley
Scottsdale, Arizona

Wildrose Page
Owners: Ray and Linda Stamp
Los Gatos, California

Wildrose Teal, owned by Michael Graeff, Canton, Ohio

Caption: Wildrose Gracie, owner Louis McCord, Franklin, Tennessee

Wildrose Wiley with owner Arnar Thors, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Wildrose Started Dog, Billy Owner, Doyle Hill - Forest Hill, Washington

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