Wildrose Kennels Staff

Mike Stewart: President, Wildrose Kennels

With forty years of association with dogs, pointers, flushers, retrievers, as well as hounds and obedience companion dogs Mike developed the Wildrose facilities creating a comprehensive gundog-training program focused exclusively on the English Labrador, specifically for the wingshooter and outdoor enthusiasts. He developed the unique, positive, training methodology, "The Wildrose Way," which is being recognized across the country. Over the past nine years, he has appeared in a variety of television programming featuring retriever training including "The World of Ducks," with Drake and Deke, the Ducks Unlimited mascots, " Benelli's American Bird Hunter," The American Sportsman," and other sporting programs. He has produced a series of best-selling DVDs, for hunting dog training, "The Gentleman's Gundog" series. Mike retired as Chief of Police, University of Mississippi in 2000 after a 25-year career in law enforcement, a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a BPA and MCJ, as well as the FBI National Academy in 1989. He retired from the US Navy Reserves as a Commander in 2005 with nine years as a NCIS credentialed agent.

Cathy Stewart: Vice President, Wildrose Kennels, Sales and Business Manager

Cathy is a retired educator with twenty years of classroom experience and ten years of teaching on the University level. She obtained her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction in 1995 and became certified with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in 1997. For twenty years Cathy directed the annual Faulkner and Yoknaptawpha Conference at the University of Mississippi, which brought people from around the world to study William Faulkner in his hometown. Cathy is the business manager and sales coordinator for Wildrose. She brings her experience in education, curriculum and instruction, and event organizational skills to Wildrose to enhance its mission.

Tom Smith: General Manager

Tom is general manager of all Wildrose operations at the Oxford facility. His responsibilities include oversite of training, health care services, retailing, and facilities/grounds. Tom bought his first dog, Dixie, from Wildrose in 2008, and became an associate trainer in 2010. He received his bachelor's degree in history from University of Kentucky and served in the military from 1990 - 97 in Georgia, Alaska, Thailand, Japan, Egypt and Virginia as an infantry officer. He is originally from Tell City, Indiana. Before becoming the General Manager at Wildrose, Tom owned an industrial construction company. His military, leadership, and business skills enhance his work as Wildrose General Manager

Lanette Drewrey: Veterinarian Technician and Manager of Health Care Services

Lanette joined Wildrose in June of 2002, as an animal health care specialist and was promoted to veterinarian technician in February, 2004. While pursuing a biology degree at the University of Mississippi, Lanette worked part time, as vet tech, for the Lafayette Animal Clinic from January, 1999 through February, 2004, assisting in surgery and on farm calls. Currently, Lanette supervises the Wildrose husbandry programs and health care for our sires and dams along with the dogs in training. She is responsible for supervising the Wildrose Super Learner Program (SLP) and the Super Scent Series (SSS).

Alex Callahand, Animal Health Care Specialist

Alex is a native of the Oxford area and joined our health care staff as a part-time health care assistant in January 2015 and was promoted to full time December 2015. Alex's love of animals prompted her to start working at Crossroads Animal Hospital and then later join our staff at Wildrose. She supervises the Super Learner Program and Super Scent Series and assists with monthly health checks and exercise programs. Alex enjoys hunting, fishing and various outdoor activities with her husband and son.

Clint Swinney: Facilities Manager

Clint is the manager of all Wildrose facilities and grounds. He is responsible for the care, maintenance, and improvement of the grounds, structures, landscapes and equipment. Clint is a native of Hamilton, Alabama and he is currently completing his final work on a degree from Mississippi State University. His past experiences on the farm and outside labor jobs complement his vast skills needed to address the responsibilities of facility manager. Clint relocated to Oxford with his wife, Anna and son, Nathan. He also provides off-site training support for dogs in the Wildrose DAD program.

Steven Lucius: Senior Trainer

Steven is senior trainer at Wildrose and is a legacy following his brother, Charlie Lucius, who worked three years at Wildrose. Originally from Marietta, Georgia, Steven is a graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in marketing. Steven began working for Wildrose in March of 2008 as a part-time, kennel assistant. He was promoted in 2010 to training apprentice working directly with Mike's string of started and finished dogs. June 1, 2011, Steven was promoted to assistant trainer working with the gundog and adventure dog training programs. As senior trainer, he coordinates all training operations at the Oxford facility which includes gundogs, adventurers and obedience dogs.

Blake Henderson: Trainer

Blake began working for Wildrose as a part-time kennel assistant in January, 2007, while attending the University of Mississippi. He was promoted to Keeper in 2008 with responsibilities that included maintenance, facilities, grounds and exercising sires and dams then moved to a full-time position in 2010. Blake was promoted to apprentice trainer in 2013 and advanced to trainer in 2014. His keen interest in waterfowling and hunting sports along with his exceptional communication skills have proven invaluable to his success as a trainer and to the Wildrose client experience.

Danielle Drewrey: Trainer

Danielle originates from Theresa, Wisconsin. Throughout her high school years she worked as a gardener and for the Humane Society. She joined the Army in 2011 and was medically discharged after one year. Danielle is a graduate of American Public University with a degree in Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Fish and Wildlife. She was employed at Wildrose in 2012 as a health care specialist, then advanced to trainer apprentice and later assumed the position of obedience trainer. Danielle is an AKC evaluator for Canine Good Citizen, training coordinator for Wildrose Service Companions and also she is the director of the popular Wildrose Adventure Dog Training and Certification Program.

Bryan Hargrove: Trainer

Bryan, originally from Virginia, is a retired U.S. Army veteran with over twenty years of experience. He obtained his Associates degree in General Education from Central Texas College and earned numerous information technology certifications during his military service. Bryan completed his military career as a Special Operations communications instructor. Previous to his arrival at Wildrose, Bryan was the head guide and dog trainer with an Orvis-endorsed wingshooting lodge. Bryan's leadership experiences in the military and those gained from his work through upland hunting services has enabled him to easily adapt to training gundogs, both pointers and retrievers, the Wildrose Way. Bryan expands Wildrose training opportunities to include pointing breeds balanced to work with Wildrose retrievers. This specialized instruction affords wingshooting enthusiasts the opportunity to field gundog teams trained for pointing, flushing and retrieving. Upland combination gundogs trained together, The Wildrose Way.

Ryan Alderman: Trainer

Originally from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Ryan advanced his education at the University of Mississippi majoring in Sports and Recreational Administration. As a Wildrose trainer, Ryan directs Wildrose training services in the Teton Valley Idaho for six months of the year in association with the renowned Blixt & Company, driven shooting estate in Tetonia, Idaho. Ryan is charged with onsite kennel operations, training, and directing the gundog program and staff for picking up and roughshooting on behalf of Wildrose and Blixt & Company. After shooting season is completed in Idaho, Ryan returns south to Wildrose to serve as a trainer at the Oxford facility. Ryan extends the Wildrose Way for basic gundog, seasoned and finished retriever training to the Northwest further broadening our services to clients and their Gentleman's Gundogs.

Dr. Scott Wilson, Service Companions Director

Scott was born in Milwaukee, raised in Baltimore, studied biology and chemistry at Gettysburg College followed by structural chemistry at the University of North Carolina, and worked three decades as Director of Materials Chemistry at the University of Illinois before retiring and immediately acquiring his first hunting and fishing licenses since high school. Anxious to find the perfect canine companions for numerous upcoming adventures, Scott and his wife, Roxy, researched breeds and kennels nationwide for six months. They selected their first Wildrose pup, Cora, in 2013 and their second Wildrose pup, Suzy, in 2015 when they also adopted their third Wildrose dog, retired sire, FTW Widgeon. This majestic sire took to his retirement career as a therapy dog like a duck to water and earned his AKC THD in less than a year. After 2 years volunteering with Widgeon as a therapy team, Scott is now a licensed Pet Partners therapy team evaluator. Beyond helping to focus the Wildrose Service Companions program since 2016, Scott enjoys trekking, training, hunting, and fishing with his Wildrose companions.

Kelly Hargrove: Hospitality Coordinator

Kelly is an extremely versatile and talented team member with Wildrose. She serves as hospitality coordinator for Wildrose events and lodging and is cross-assigned as a health care specialist supporting Wildrose health care programs. Previously, Kelly was the food and beverage manager of a major ski resort in Pennsylvania. Kelly came to us from North Carolina where she gained experience first as a plantations kennel manager then served as a food and beverage manager for an Orvis-endorsed wingshooting lodge. Kelly is an active participant our Fly & Deliver and Puppy Backgrounding programs.

Anna Swinney: Retail Manager/Accounts Receivable

Anna attended Mississippi State University pursuing a degree in Animal Sciences. During this time she worked for the Mississippi State Equine Center, as well as logging over 2000 hours at the Marion County Veterinary Clinic. She and her son, Nathan, followed her husband, Clint, to Oxford when he began his career as Wildrose facilities manager. Anna and Nathan quickly became fixtures of Oxford and Anna became the Retail Manager of Wildrose onsite retail store as well as Wildrose Trading Company. She also works with accounts receivable and manages as well as participates in the Wildrose Puppy Backgrounding program.

Mindy Ladner: Retail Specialist

Mindy is an Oxford native who has a B. A. from the University of Mississippi. She has a lifelong love for animals and worked as a receptionist for Lafayette Animal Clinic from 2007 to 2012 where she became acquainted with Wildrose Kennels. She began working with Wildrose Trading Company in retailing and customer services in 2014. Her love for animals makes her an exceptional puppy backgrounder socializing client puppies and acclimating them to the home environment while introducing basic obedience skills. Mindy enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, horseback riding and mushroom hunting with her husband, Kel.

Associate Trainers

Craig Korff: Associate Trainer

Craig has been a Product Manager for one of the Midwest's largest wood truss manufacturers for the past 30 years. Craig began training retrievers in 1974 and has shown German Wirehaired Pointers and trained them in the field as well. He bought his first Wildrose dog in 2001 and has been training "The Wildrose Way" ever since. In 2004, Craig became an Associate Trainer for the started dog program. He has trained and handled Wildrose dogs to a first place finish in the Wildrose Retriever Championship in 2005, the Gun's Choice Award in 2006, and the Gun's Choice Award at the Double Gun and Retriever Classic in 2007. Craig and his wife, Carol, reside in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Tim Clancy: Associate Trainer

Tim is a Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic on his hometown fire department in Whitman, Massachusetts. Tim is married to Danielle and they have one daughter, Kiley. Tim bought his first Wildrose dog in 2007 and has been training "The Wildrose Way" ever since. Tim assumed his position as an associate trainer in the fall of 2009, expanding our training capabilites into the Northeast. Tim participates in the started dog program and assists with on-the -road Wildrose seminars and events, including the Orvis Cup at Sandanona.

Sarah Barnes: Associate Trainer

Sarah is a Civil Engineer for Alabama Power in her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is an avid animal lover and enjoys all things outdoors. Sarah bought her first Wildrose dog, Gunner, in September of 2009 and immediately adopted "The Wildrose Way" of training. She won the Gun's Choice Award at the Double Gun and Retriever Classic in 2011. Sarah joined the Associate Trainer staff in the spring of 2011 and works with the started dog program and the DAD dog program.

Erin Shay Davis: Associate Trainer

Erin joined Wildrose as an associate trainer is 2015 with her focus on obedience and backgrounding. She is based in the Chicago suburbs specifically in Valparaiso, Indiana. She is also an emergency nurse who specializes in trauma.

Erin is a lifelong learner of animal psychology, healthcare, and husbandry specifically related to dogs, horses, and exotic parrots. Her passion for animals was professionally developed as a domestic and exotic veterinary technician, as an Indiana DNR research assistant studying sport fishing in Lake Michigan, and as a horseback riding instructor. She is a member of the National Association of Dog Obedience instructors and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She is an active waterfowl, upland, small and large game hunter with her husband, Alec.

Travis Facemyer: Associate Trainer

Travis is from West Columbia, West Virginia, where he owns and operates Facemyer Lumber Company. He is an avid wingshooter, hunting all over the country and Canada every year with Wildrose Rogan, Wildrose Faolain and his Vizsla, Piros. Travis has a diverse sporting gundog training background to in include both retrievers and pointing breeds. He is a member of the Appalachian Valley Chapter of North America Versatile Hunting Dog Association, a pointing dog organization that sponsors "Hero's Tribute Hunt" for disabled veterans. Travis bought his first Wildrose dog in 2011 and he has been a constant participant and instructor at Wildrose workshops over the years. He became an Associate Trainer with Wildrose supporting the West Virginia region of the country in 2016.

Michelle McCloskey: Associate Trainer

Michelle has loved animals since she was a child. After attending the University of Memphis from 1995-97, she moved to California and worked at a veterinarian hospital while waiting residency and acceptance into an animal training school. From 1998 to 2000 she attended the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program in Moorpark, California. There she learned basic husbandry and training of both domestic and exotic animals at their on-campus zoo. After completing the EATM program over the next five years, she moved to Florida and back to California while volunteering for a dolphin facility, working for a wildlife education company and doing a free-flight parrot show at a theme park. Currently Michelle lives in Oxford, Mississippi and manages her house full of animals and three kids' active schedules while backgrounding puppies for Wildrose. Her training focuses on basic obedience, social skills and adjusting to life inside the home preparing the puppy for future gundog or adventure dog training programs. She began working with Wildrose in 2011 as a volunteer with the DAD program and has also worked our retail store.